Sunday, October 26, 2014

Unconscious Mutterings Meme

A word association meme

My family is important. All in the Family. Family reunions. Blood is thicker than water. The Waltons. Little House on the Prairie. Family ties and the Family Ties series. Genealogy and family trees. Sly and the Family Stone. The SNL Jim Carrey's Family Reunion sketch last night. Madea's Family Reunion.
A book I am going to review. I was a bit uneasy about reading it as reviews said there was incest and abuse (yes, there was both). Very sensitive topics were well handled in this book. The flashbacks and episodes were not too graphic. There was one sexual scene (not of a rape nature) and that was a bit surprising so far in the book. Anyway, I cried several times reading this and it made me think of how our families can influence us so much for several generations. 5 of 5 stars for me.

Fruit leather. Husband uses leather for his art...particularly making bracers and hats. Alligator skin. Tanned, wrinkly skin that is like leather. Indiana Jones. Anthony Hopkins using a whip in Zorro.
Pumpkin Pie Leather recipe

Chunky salsa. Chunk heels. People being described as being chunky. Chunky peanut butter.

Shakin' by Eddie Money. Trembling in your boots at Halloween. Shaken not stirred. Shake and Bake...tonight we are having baked chicken using a recipe for the mix that my parents used (vs. a box of Shake and Bake).

Oliver Twist. Ebola and other viruses. The vaccine controversy. Long-suffering parents.

Corduroy (the children's book character). A hole in your pocket can cause so much problem. Pita pockets...sounds yummy right now. Pockets of air when trapped in a car that is going under water.

Loose change. Loose morals. A woman described as being loose. My Mother letting us run and play after arriving somewhere...she referred to it at "turning you loose." Any Which Way but Loose. Loose debris. Footloose...I like the opening dance sequence of the second movie. Footloose and fancyfree.

Show tunes. Having nothing to show for something. Putting on a spectacular show. A theater.

Hideous Christmas vests. The movie theater workers wearing vest. A butler. Life jackets. Bulletproof vest. Vested interest. Being vested in a retirement plan. Playing something "close to the vest."

The end....that's all folks. Curtain calls...and the lines from Bohemian Rhapsody that talk of curtain calls and endings. Grand finale. The grand finale of fireworks.



Shetty Anirudh said...

A fresh idea for me...
Dont know if this is already a thing...

Had fun reading :)


This meme has been going for a while and is a lot of fun. :-)

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