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Cooking with Rumble!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Rumble for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

My Newest "Cook-Through" Project!

I just finished working my way through reading what I thought was going to be a “cook-through” here on my blog....a "One-Pot Meal" cookbook that just wasn't my thing for now (especially the monkfish recipes) . I have a couple of huge volumes on my desk that are my current cook-through (along with some of my Mother's other cookbooks...particularly Church cookbooks).

Might as well spice it up with a few viral videos here and there....yes, I think that a website cook-through would be fun and I am enjoying the basic skills demonstrated in cooking videos on I have set up a section in my sidebar to keep track of future Rumble-inspired projects (currently, second section of sidebar) and a few of those that are more immediate interests are below. Enjoy and stay tuned for photos of my efforts. :-)

Source: How to peel and cut a pineapple in one minute by recetteminute on Rumble

Cutting a pineapple has always intimidated my Husband and myself. We have even gotten so far as to buy the pineapple (or have it given to us) and have it go bad. Then there is the matter of having a sharp enough knife (which we don't)....but it is going to happen this month anyway.

The video, unlike many other videos and instructions I have seen, made it so quick and EASY.

-----Husband is a big fan of fresh pineapple. He is used to but sometimes leery of my adventures. I will spring our latest voyage into pineapple chopping on him once we get to the produce aisle.

-----I am planning a Pineapple Upside-Down honor of my father who would have been almost a hundred this year. Next month, I am going to try doing Pineapple Upside-Down Muffins!

-----There are instructions for how to grow a pineapple from its cut off top on several sites online. The procedure involves donning gloves, twisting the pineapple's top off and making sure the whole thing is really clean. Growing a new pineapple can take up to two years!!! I don't know about this in our wacky climate, even with grow lights, but I will aim for at least having a very interesting houseplant. Who knows?...maybe it WILL happen. I once knew of people who successfully grew a palm tree in a Midwest cornfield!)

Source: How to make curry cocktail weenies by TomsTestKitchen on Rumble

-----The video makes me want to try real currywurst! It may not be Berlin, but finding a street cart or truck that offers currywurst will be one of my goals during our next visit to Chicago.

–---In Berlin, there is actually a museum dedicated to currywurst...The Deutsches Currywurst Museum. It is a highly interactive museum complete with spice-sniffing stations and currywurst-themed songs.

-----Let me see how mild I can make this for the husband and kids. There is usually a way without sacrificing flavor.

–---I collect curry recipes for the day that our friend gets out of physical therapy (he has been in a facility for about a year now and has just started being able to walk). If you would like to send me any curry recipes, my e-mail address is in my profile on the sidebar....thanks! :-)

-----I am always happy to find another use for my Hungarian paprika.

Source: How to peel a tomato in one minute by recetteminute on Rumble

A kitchen difficulty solved!

-----This will be especially helpful for peeling large batches of tomatoes. That means I can avoid a lot of salt and preservatives (which I rinse off when I can).

On Rumble:

---Signing up is easy. You can create an account or just sign in using Facebook.

---Opening multiple windows of individual videos resulted in a bunch of autoplays. I don't yet know if there is a setting in Rumble to overcome this.

---On Facebook, I found a Rumble app for selling and viewing videos but have not tried it yet (one thing at a time). There are 1,300 users signed up.

---I am following @rumblevideo and @chrispavloski (company CEO) on Twitter. I am cheering for the company to do well!

---There are often more videos than what comes up going through the channels on the sidebar. Look on a profile or search a topic.

---One of the things I want to explore next is the vlogs section. I might even try writing one. Hmmm. Rumble has unlimited video storage and there are several ways to monetize.

---It would be great if there were a way for viewers/bloggers to earn money on this platform. I hope there are future plans. :-)

---The music section is entertaining. I plan to spend a lunchtime or two browsing through. :-) My first viewing will be the video about how Ron Howard is going to direct a Beatles documentary.

---Other topics on Rumble (in order of my interest): News, howto, science, viral videos, travel, technology, gaming, auto and sports.

---It is nice to see videos with everyday people that haven't been bogged down with all sorts of advertising. That's right....there are no ads.

I am excited about Cooking with Rumble!

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