Saturday, August 23, 2014

Saturday 9: I Got You, Babe

1) Popular music has produced almost countless groups, but not that many duos. Besides Sonny & Cher, can you name another?
Captain & Tennille. Hall and Oates. Simon and Garfunkel. Pet Shop Boys. Eurythmics. Pink Floyd (in its current lineup). Depeche Mode (my favorite of my answers).
Wikipedia lists 168 Rock Music Duos.

2) Hearing this recording from his clock radio is how Bill Murray woke up every morning in Groundhog Day. What woke you up this morning?
Sinuses....they are kicking my but. I can't take most sinus medicine due to thyroid issues. Ibuprofen is helping some tonight with various stuff but not much. I hate that there has been so many weather changes.

3) When she was growing up, Cher practiced her autograph for when she became a star. Is your signature legible? Or is it more of a scrawl?
Legible. My everyday writing is not pretty no matter how much I try though. I am good at calligraphy but haven't really been able to translate that to my handwriting. It really bugs me that a lot of the schools are eliminating cursive!

4) In addition to show biz, Sonny & Cher had many careers: Sonny was a restauranteur and politician, Cher is an interior designer. Would you like to try your hand at any of those professions?
I used to REALLY want to be an interior and the criticism of others has zapped a lot of that inclination out of me or made me suppress it. When, I eventually have a coffee haus, the menu will be much like that of a restaurant.
---I really liked Cher's "Sanctuary" line when she had that and used to get the catalog. There was a lot of stuff that was medieval-looking.

5) In 1965, when this song topped the charts, Sonny and Cher were as famous for their wardrobe as for their music. Sonny was fond of tall, heavy-heeled boots while Cher often paired granny dresses with bare feet. What's on your feet right now?
Fresh socks as I was cleaning a dish and made water go on the floor (and, of course, stepped in it).

6) By 1968, their career crashed. Cher's early attempts as a movie actress failed, their records stopped selling and the IRS came after them for back taxes. Have you ever been audited?
No. I (paranoidly) worry about it every time a filing is difficult to figure out. The only time we made a mistake though, the IRS sent us a refund of the money we cheated ourselves.

7) In 1971 they were on top again with their TV show. But their marriage was coming apart. Sonny said, "For the last 5 years I worried about our career, not about us." Have you ever been guilty of putting career before relationship?
Probably at times before we were married, as I had many big projects and priorities and did not get to see my (then)boyfriend much.

8) By 1972 they were living separate lives -- in the same house. For the sake of The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour, they pretended to be happily married another year and a half. Tell us about a time when you pretended to be happy, but weren't.
I had children who picked on me in elementary school and high school. Ignoring it, being cheerful with life and occasionally extremely insulting their lack of intelligence was my strategy. Somehow, no matter how happy, nice or insulting I was to certain people...I was like their addictive cat toy to bat at.

9) While their separation and divorce were bitter, they resumed their friendship when Cher showed up at the opening of his restaurant in 1976. Have you ever made the first move in repairing a relationship?
Yes, but it has only worked temporarily...a few complex family relationships and dramatic people. I keep having to remind myself that just because someone is supposed to be your family or friend, it doesn't mean they will act as such. I hate drama.


Kathy W said...

I guess I looked at the last question just in one way. I didn't think of family either. I'm working on that part... :) I can't stand bullies. I'm glad you just ignored it.

CountryDew said...

I think it is terrible that schools are doing away with "real" writing. Cursive is so pretty. Soon no one will be able to write without a keyboard. It's sad. And scary!

I am Harriet said...

I hate stepping in water when I'm in my socks. They never do dry out when they are on you.

Zippi Kit said...

Agreed. It's a big mistake to take cursive writing out of the curricula. It's a whopping one, like "great leap forward" whopping.

Smellyann said...

As a homeschooler, I'm teaching my daughters, but not my son, cursive writing. I just know he'll never get the hang of it and will get frustrated. Not sure what the schools' rationales are, though!

The Gal Herself said...

I hope you're feeling better. Humid weather can be *so* hard on sinuses. And thanks for the clip. There are few things in the world I love more than Bill Murray!


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