Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Reading Bingo 2014

I am starting to participate in Random House of Canada's Reading Bingo Challenge 2014. :-)
I plan to fill the whole card...of course, I would start with reading a book that is over 500 pages. :-)

My first reading choice is 850 pages. A friend says you should have your children read they can read something with morality. I am reading a big Barnes & Noble book that belonged to my Mother...Oliver Twist (which my Mother loved), A Tale of Two Cities, Great Expectations and A Christmas Carol. I suppose most would argue this is four books...but this is the one I want to read. :-)

From A Tale of Two Cities (and the back cover of the book):
"In the black prison of the Conciergerie, the doomed of the day awaited their fate. They were in number as the weeks of the year. Fifty-two were to roll that afternoon on the life-tide of the city to the boundless ending sea. Before their cells were quit of them, new occupants were appointed; before their blood ran into the blood spilled yesterday, the blood that was to mingle with theirs tomorrow was already set apart."

Will Charles Dickens inspire me to think more about morality? I will let you know 850 pages from now.
If you have read these stories, around what age did you first read each? Other authors you would recommend for homeschooling PreK-12?
(Book Number 13,122 in my Mother's books...yes, you read that right).

I have the "casebound" edition (a normal hardback). 
There was also a leatherbound edition published the same year.

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