Sunday, July 27, 2014

July 23, 2014

This Fall, I want to make feather dance fans with our Preschooler. Like American Indians use for dance (and prayer) but with no religious symbolism. I have been doing some research and I know to cut the feathers across the top. I know that peacock and ostrich feathers are usually used by the Navajo. We will likely be using turkey feathers and collecting decorations from nature, thrift shops and dollar stores. I want to encourage Preschooler to imitate movements...he has very little interest in this other than jumping and things that super heroes do.
Speaking of super heroes...our friend's socks. :-)

Something very cool by The Chicago Chalk Champ.

Mrs. Kravitz decided to report us instead of coming to knock on the door....we could have told her that the guard on the lawn mower blade broke and that Husband had driven out-of-town to get another mower.I hate the American lawn and I am not very fond of Mrs. Kravitz (no idea of her real name but she was sitting on her front lawn watching us earlier as if she were a queen and all she surveyed needed to obey her wishes..she takes real glee in her havoc). I guess pulling every weed down to the tiniest over the next week will help our landscaping efforts.

Toddler said "raffe" (giraffe) a couple of times and "goat" while we were doing Preeschooler's sticker book and video for the letter G. I asked her if she could say "guh" and she said it many times throughout the video. The first time Toddler said guh was the best though...a little voice and little eyes just looking sweetly at Preschooler and I. Toddler may learn letters,etc. at a pretty early age...she is there every time we are working on them. When done, we ate the last of the guh-grapes.
---I like that these alphabet videos feature a gesture to help children remember each letter. :-)

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