Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 21, 2014

-----Our toddler sat down properly on a chair today and facing forward! She sat in the chair and played with Iron Man and looked at the Walt Disney book "Thumper's Little Sisters."

-----Preschooler tried Hamburger Helper for the first time today. It was Cheesy Macaroni, sirloin, real bacon bits, a bit of Old Bay and parsley flakes. We were given a few of the multi-packs. I thought it would be a challenge...a bit of fun...my Mother used to make it taste good and I think I did good, too. There was also one of his vitamins, black seedless grapes, fuji apples, toasted French bread with butter and milk.

-----I finished reading "Abraham and Sarah: The Long Journey," a novel by Roberta Kells Dorr. The author lived in the Middle East for seventeen years! The books was written in 1995 and I inherited it from my Mother (who bought it in 2007). I did not like Sarah's character very much...fearful and manipulative and I did not see much of the spunk that Abraham saw (the author told of it but did not show it often enough). I would like it if there were a book by this author that explored Ishmael further.
Roberta Kells Dorr missionary, author, artist dies in Kentucky (2010). She was also a popular lecturer and I am hoping I can find recordings.

-----I am planning to reread "Abraham and Sarah" while spontaneously reading another I have started. I am on page 41 of Honkytonk Man by Clancy Carlile. This book was published in 1980 and my Mother purchased it in 1992 (as Number 9,280 in her collection). There are several song lyrics used that were written by the author. It is a rite-of-passage novel that the dust jacket totes as being landmark like "The Yearling," "To Kill a Mockingbird" and "Addie Pray" (the last one I have not heard of).
~~~I am going to store this with our Nashville Armchair Traveling stuff. A pet project of mine. I want our children to be well-traveled in both real life and in the limitless bounds of their imaginations.
~~~I was planning on looking up some Grand Ole Opry videos for the kids but did not get to that today. Part of the reason was I distracted over thoughts of how I would dearly have liked to take my Mother to see The Grand Ole Opry. She did get to look around there but never saw a concert.
~~~I have some of my parents records. I will soon be playing the songs of Roy Acuff and other Opry stars.
~~~If we can make it to Nashville this year, a friend might be able to visit with us. We also have a lot of friends who perform concerts there (not at the Opry).

-----We miss Oldest and are looking forward to his return from National Guard Basic Training. All these conflicts going on in the world are scaring me. A friend who was career military gave me a talk and told me not to worry and what to expect from the modern day National Guard...I try to keep that talk in mind.

So, stuff like this is what makes it hard to get ahead.
Amazon said Husband's tablet he does not use was "scratched, cracked and broken"....he took a picture and it wasn't...so much for the 100% rating he has maintained since 2004. The small amount of money for Husband's phone will not come until next month and the money for my phone will not come until a month from whenever the purchaser actually decides to pay (Ebay). A check someone wrote us has not cleared. So, that's almost 4 hundred not arrived and MOST may NEVER arrive.
But hey...we are up $2.75 that I earned...on a gift certificate.
Some days.

-----Toddler explored a show he hasn't watched yet- "Dino Squad" which is about teens who turn into super hero dinosaurs.
-----Did some arm and leg exercises (while listening to AC/DC). Re-aggravated my sciatic nerve on my right leg which has been giving me pains since about July 2nd (so ready for that to go away).
-----I want to become skilled at drawing flowers. This would include pen and ink drawing. I draw little doodles of flowers all over the place...basically, the same doodles since high school. It would be nice to fill the margins of my many idea, project and class notebooks with beautiful flowers.

-----I have added Bolthouse Farms Stone Fruit Juice to our next grocery list. It combines plum and apricot.
-----A copycat recipe for Jimmy John's Avocado Sandwich Spread.

-----Husband was able to get some things that we had in storage. The lawn mower we normally use broke and we were given my Mother's lawnmower (which Husband brought home). Husband is hard on mowers but we are hoping to get 7 years or so of use out of my Mother's mower (happy to have it).

Preschooler is into Peppa Pig and Beanie Babies. I added one to my Wish List (for him). He tells me he would like "a small one and a big one and all the friends." It is too bad we don't have the ability to travel to the UK while Preschooler and Toddler are this age...there is a very popular Peppa Pig's World amusement park.

Fisher-Price's description says this toy is for a girl. I beg to differ...our (male) Preschooler likes both Peppa Pig and dollhouses.

-----We had more of the ice cream leftover from our observance of National Ice Cream Day on the 20th. Husband went out and bought three cartons of Breyer's...Strawberry, Coffee and Girl Scout Thin Mints. When I asked Preschooler, who fell asleep before having some the first night, if he wanted some...he came RUNNING and stated enthusiastically that he wanted Strawberry without having me list the rest of the kinds.
-----I found a CD that a friend gave us called "Go Out With Joy." I haven't opened it yet and I am going to find the tracks to listen and see if Preschooler would like it as a stocking stuffer. The Book of Isaiah is qouted on the front.

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