Monday, June 02, 2014

"New study will measure dogs' usefulness to Vets with PTSD"
Currently, service dogs are not a funded way for soldiers to cope with PTSD as the military is unsure of their effectiveness in helping with psychiatric ailments. I am reading about the (non-military) program called "Train a Dog Save a Warrior."
---Train a Dog Save a Warrior offers service to those in/formerly in the military. It is not just for those who battle PTSD...but also Military Sexual Trauma(MST) and Traumatic Brain Injury.

One Veteran is lobbying for a medal for PTSD.


Anonymous said...

PTSD is just a guilty conscience. I'm sorry they feel bad for the terrible things they've done, but I'm sorrier for the people they killed and maimed in the process.

Screw 'em. Seriously: just screw 'em.


I must interject here that not all PTSD has guilty conscience or guilty feelings as a component. I do not want someone who has experienced abuse, assault, a natural disaster or rape to start, consciously or subconsciously,examining themselves for misplaced guilt. You are welcome to leave your comment or direct us to a blog where you talk about your viewpoints on PTSD and other war/PEACE issues...but please make it clear that you do not mean all PTSD. Thanks.

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