Monday, May 05, 2014

It's a Sweet Life!

This sweet pepper from dinner yesterday had a pretty interior. :-)

-----We watched "Ender's Game" a few nights ago. A Redbox rental. the book was.
-----Yesterday, we did a fire in the firepit. It was cozy and beautiful though we had to put it out after a few minutes because the wind was picking up. I got a photo of my happy Husband standing with Preschooler. This was Toddler's first fire and she was fascinated. It would have been fun if my son who is at Basic Training could have been there.

A couple of Preschooler moments yesterday:
---Told me that he loves Daddy because "He's a wild man. I am a wild man. We are both wild mans."
---Put his sister's socks on his hands and said "clap hands" in German.

"He's one of my neighbors. He is just a wild neighbor of mine. He's mine. He's silly doing that."
-Preschooler on our elderly neighbor backing up over and over while mowing the boulevard grass. I am sure there is some reason why he was doing the mowing so slowly and repetitively. Though I never did figure out why he drove so close to our tree line last year that he got caught on a small fruit tree.

-----I wish that we had a pair of binoculars to see Comet Jacques this month. We will try to see it with the naked eye anyway...if awake.
-----We are planning Toddler and Preschooler's first planetarium trip later in the month. :-)
-----I am slowly listening to a lecture on small bodies by Mike "Pluto Killer" Brown. Small bodies are basically anything that orbits the sun other than the eight planets. I am interested in finding out about the various comets.
-----I have been sharing with friends and relatives one of the milder ways that I make Spanish a sort of PSA. Husband cannot have cumin and jalapenos upset his stomach. I know I can't be the only one out there who wants tasty Hispanic dishes while still having to deal with allergies and sensitivities.
-----The house has been nicely smelling of garlic and beef all day. We are having a classic pot roast sans carrots with whiskey substituted for the beef broth. Slow cookers are awesome!
-----With dinner, we are trying some artisanal sweet potato rolls. They are a freezer product and I will have to add a photo and review here later.
-----I got a nice photo of Husband cleaning a leather jacket to be made into Goth attire (spikes,studs and such) . :-) I felt appreciated because I had only recently given him the leather cleaning spray, from when I once owned a pair of leather tennis shoes, and he is already using it. I don't know what the name of that spray is but will have to look, so I can recommend it...suffice it to say that leather-cleaning spray from the shoe store works efficiently and well. :-)
-----Photos of the kids today: Toddler standing and playing with a clump of tree leaves. Preschooler once he started is very hard to get a photo of a little boy who is quickly jumping around pretending to be a coconut.

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