Saturday, April 05, 2014

Saturday 9.....

"50 years ago this week, The Beatles made history with this song (hear it here). They became the first and only act in history to hold all 5 of the top slots in the Billboard Hot 100."

1) In this song, Beatle Paul offers to buy his girl a diamond ring. Do you wear rings?
Not really...lately. Off and on, mainly on, my jewelry has been in storage since 2012. My class ring and another ring are missing....sigh. I wear my wedding ring and tonight I am wearing a "sapphire and diamond" costume ring that Husband bought me at Christmas because he knew I like real rings like looks a lot like Princess Diana's engagement ring.

2) This song was written by boyhood friends John Lennon and Paul McCartney, who went on to become the most successful songwriters of the 20th century. Tell us about your best friend from "the old neighborhood." Do you know where he or she is today?
I did not have friends in our neighborhood. We lived in a bad neighborhood.

3) The Ed Sullivan Theater, where the Beatles first performed to a mass American audience, is now the home of The Late Show with David Letterman. Do you have a favorite late night talk show?
Jimmy Fallon is hilarious. My least favorite is Conan...I think he is cruel.

4) In 1964, when this song became #1, one of top TV shows was My Favorite Martian. Do you believe in life on other planets?
No, at least not in this solar system. I am excited because I just started taking a class taught by Mike Brown (the man who played a big part in Pluto being declared "not a planet").

5) In those days, homes had rotary dial phones, often affixed to the wall, with the receiver always tethered by a curly cord. Does your home still have a landline phone?
No but I am hoping we have one soon. For emergencies.

6) 1964 was the year GI Joe first appeared on toy shelves. Tell us about one of your favorite childhood toys.
Barbies because my aunt made nice clothes for them. I need to learn how to do this.

7) Ringo was the first Beatle to become a grandfather. His granddaughter, Tatia, is now a rock musician. If you were to follow your grandfather into his chosen profession, what would you be doing now?
---One grandfather was a dairy farmer.
---The other grandfather farmed by asking others to use patches of their land. I don't know what he did besides that...maybe just being a soldier before that and then he passed away. This should be something I take up in my genealogy research. I am glad this meme inspired me to think of this!

8) Paul McCartney admits he enjoys watching MasterChef. What show do you go out of your way to catch?
None really. I just watch movies on Netflix. I recently liked "I am Not a Hipster" and "Life Happens."

9) The paparazzi has often caught Paul pedaling a bike around Martha's Vineyard. What's your favorite form of exercise?
Dancing with my children. It can get very aerobic...think Calvin Harris' "Bounce."


The Gal Herself said...

I think dancing with your children sounds like such a happy way to exercise!

The landline/emergency thing: I have friends who live in the Keys and they convinced me I still need my landline. During Hurricane Wilma, cell phones and landline coverage were both spotty, but when one was down, the other worked. In Chicagoland, we have tornadoes. So even though I don't use the landline often, it stays.

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Sorry about the old neighborhood. Sounds a tad depressing...

CountryDew said...

Dancing in any form is wonderful.

I am sorry you grew up in a bad neighborhood. It happens, I guess.

Good luck with your genealogy.

Jodi said...

I need to look for dancing exercises on ONDEMAND!

Kathy W said...

ahhhhh dancing! good for you! I'm lucky in that I grew up in a great neighborhood - there were tons of kids, and never did we ever feel not safe.

lia said...

i love dancing! and i agree about conan being mean. i used to watch him but can't really any more. i guess what i think is funny doesn't match his ideas. and i would love to take an astronomy class! that must be so interesting!

Tina said...

I taught myself to sew making Barbie clothes as a kid and took it back up when my niece started playing with them. I still love those little project best of all.

Helena said...

I remember cutting holes into clothes, trying to make my own outfits for Barbie. The 'tube' dress with a bit wool tied round her middle became quite a fashion statement in dollyland back then!

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