Wednesday, April 02, 2014

A to Z Challenge.....

B is for.....

Ballistic Stretching
Yeah, I won't be doing that in my exercise goals...but I do remember it. Ballistic stretching is all that repetitive bouncing that people used to do in the middle of stretches. This pushes beyond endurance and is an easy way to get an injury. I am puzzled that some popular workouts, like P90x, still include this and wonder if they are referring to something else.
Won't be doing this either (below) :-)

-----Chicken Curry with Basil. A friend is undergoing extreme physical therapy. I hope he is home, walking and cooking lots of curries soon. Please keep my friend in your thoughts and prayers...thank you.
-----A recent interview with Toni Basil. :-)
This is my Blip channel I do not use it as much anymore but the playlist feature is really great for parties.


B is for Breakfast:-)
I hope your April Fool's Day went well yesterday.
For us, a Breakfast-y lunch was April Drool's Day...yummy. :-)

Note that Husband arranged his like a flower. :-)


Pam Margolis said...

I love breakfast! Hope you are enjoying the challenge!


Yes, I am enjoying the challenge and I will be visiting your blog soon, Pam. :-)

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