Thursday, March 06, 2014

Lent, Day 2

Today, I am trying to reduce my stress. I am examining what gives me stress and trying to "give up" stress as a part of Lent. I think even writing about issues might actually help.

So, what stresses me out right now?
---People who nag me to compete in areas that I do not place a priority on.
---Worrying about my son who has just enlisted in the military.
---A person who compulsively lies and expects to be treated as a respected peer.
---People who cheat! I have several friends who have been cheated upon recently...and a few who I have removed from my company as a result of being blatant perpetrators of this kind of behavior.
---Those who emphasize what good Christians they are...while being over-sexual or getting accused of committing violent crimes.

How should I be thinking about this kind of stuff in a healthy manner? To be continued.

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