Friday, March 14, 2014

Give me a M-E-M-E!

Feeling Beachie

Fill in the blank:
Saying ____ is ____for me.
I am ___ by nature
If I stay in a hotel it must have ___
If someone gave me ___ I would ___

Saying what's on my mind lately is hard for me. I both like and detest how small Facebook makes the world...that about sums it up.

I am stubborn and hopeful by nature. I never give up if it is something important to me...ever.
If it looks like I have given up, look closer. :-)

If I stay in a hotel it must have a fridge and microwave. We save by still doing our regular cooking. We prefer having an actual kitchenette.
Extended Stay America :-)

If someone gave me stepstool I would feel accomplishment.
I cannot reach my top bookcase shelves or top kitchen shelves....12 shelves unreachable unless I use my 5 Iron to nudge things or wait for someone to help. My previous stepstool was borrowed and misplaced.


McGuffy Ann said...

These are genuine and practical answers. I respect and like that. It makes it easier to get to know someone.


Thank you. Your comment made me feel good. I agonized over a couple of answers as I don't need Internet Drama. Yesterday, my Father-in-Law brought us a stepladder and I will be happily organizing those shelves today.

Hilary said...

stubborn & hopeful… I like that


Thanks, Hilary. :-)

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