Monday, March 03, 2014

Curious as a Cat Meme.....

Week Number 410....PARTICIPATE :-)

1) What is the longest book you ever read?
The Stand...complete and uncut. I read this about twenty years ago but the differently formatted copies I see now are still over a thousand pages!

2) What was (or is) your favorite '80s movie?
A tie between "Pretty in Pink" and "The Breakfast Club." When I get in a mood for watching a movie two or three times back-to-back, it is usually one of these two. I went through a period where Pretty in Pink was one of only videos I had and I would watch it as I went to sleep most nights.

3) What is something unexpected that has changed about you in the last few years?
Getting in really good shape after Toddler was born and I had been on a lot of rest. Then getting out of shape when bed rest was needed while pregnant with Infant. I plan to do resistance training and start training for a marathon. My thyroid issues and breastfeeding make me tired/swollen/etc. a lot of days but I will overcome. I will have muscles again. I particularly want more tone back in my arms.

4) Show and Tell. What comes to mind first when you see this picture? Or, tell a story if it reminds you of one.

I am reminded of a photo that I took of a bench with leaves all over it in Autumn. :-)
I searched to find that and avail (like looking for a needle in a haystack).
I have not taken any photos of seasonal beauty this Winter and this was a good reminder that I need to correct that soon. :-)


I have visited two blogs so far in this round of meme.....
"My Drama."
"My Blog: Me, Myself and I"

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Irel said...

Hello, Thanks for visiting my blog.
- What is The Stand all about?
-I have never seen Pretty in Pink. I came acoss it a lot of times but never really sat down and atch the whole thing.
-Pregnancy and State weather are the causes of mine. I like to run again but my knees are not agreeing with me so I am sticking to walking. I just hope that winter will finally go away coz I really need some nice weather to walk outside,
-I have not taken any picture using my good camera as well. I am too dependent in using phone camera. Hobby is a good thing and taking pictures in natures beauty could all be that.

Have a great day:)

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