Friday, March 28, 2014

A Friday Meme.....

Feeling Beachie

I love to ____________in the _____________
I _______________a lot when I’m ___________________
My least favorite household chore is _______
When I walk through the ice cream aisle at the supermarket, I think _______

I love to surprise husband with breakfast-in-bed in the morning.

I cry a lot when I am lonely. i have never been very good at loneliness. I don't mean this when I have alone time, I mean LONE time...the vast realization of loneliness.

My least favorite household chore is taking out the bathroom trash.
I hate when the trash bag did not stand up the weight of whatever was thrown in. I get upset when people throw things that are going to smell quickly and don't bother to tell their host. I don't like when feminine products are visible in a gross manner.

When I walk through the ice cream aisle at the supermarket, I think what new thing we can find.
There are so many ice creams with stuff in it that is not good for, we don't buy ice cream often. I really want to get an ice cream maker.


trooppetrie said...

ice cream is almost not ice cream any more. it is almost like a candy bar. I like to freeze banana's and then put them in the food processor. It takes just like ice cream. so creamy

McGuffy Ann Morris said...

Interesting, even thought provoking answers. I like ice cream that is natural.

retired not tired said...

We had an ice cream maker and use to make it at the cottage. My Dad and husband got sick on the ice cream because it was made with eggs and cream. It was delicious.


Don't get me wrong, I do like Magnum bars and some other things in the ice cream aisle...but still, it is like Diabetes and tooth decay on a stick. I should try the bananas like that...THANKS!


McGuffy Ann Morris,
Yes, natural is some of the Bryers stuff.Thanks for the comment about things being thought-provoking...I have just been brutally honest in my answers lately.


retired not tired,
Thanks for visiting my blog again! My parents had an ice cream maker when I was growing up and I miss that kind of ice cream...real ice cream.

Hilary said...

So agree with your #3


Yeah, bathroom trash...yuck. When the baby wakes up, I have to get more ready o go out...sigh.

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