Monday, January 06, 2014

Thursday Thirteen.....

1. Recipes we are trying soon:
-----Brown Sugar Oatmeal Cookies
-----Chicken Breasts with Balsamic Vinegar and Garlic

2. I am taking a class on Dinosaur Paleobiology through the University of Alberta and Coursera. This will help in homeschooling Toddler and Infant. I will teach Toddler some of the things he is already interested in as we go along. :-)
---Thing I learned: Forests don't usually preserve fossils.

3. On our back burner for now:
-----Whiskey Smoked Cowboy Chili. Not everyone in our house can handle this spicy. The spiciness can be scaled down but I don't want duds in the experimenting where one person can't eat.

4. Surprises I did not find surprising:
-----Social media is now the number one online activity...not porn.  Maybe some of the people are now using social media to find real life partners?
-----The Pope tells moms that it is okay to breastfeed in Church.
I have breastfeed on my front porch, in a castle turret, in a cemetery and in Church. I guess I did not think much of it other than to use a cover as there were people whom I would be very uncomfortable exposing myself to (cousins, perverted-old-man neighbors,etc.).

5. Things I did find surprising:
-----A school of fish frozen solid  by cold weather.
-----Olive Oil, Lemon and Sea Salt Sundaes.  Unsure of but willing to try.
-----Doctors ignite patient during heart operation.


This post is a work-in-progress. :-)

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