Sunday, April 28, 2013

The quest for the new family car.....
and someday I would like a hybrid Karmann Ghia.*

I am taking a look at an article about hybrid cars while watching Les Mis with friends and family tonight.
This is a site to compare insurance (obviously including auto insurance), mortgage rates and credit cards.

Believe it or not, I only know one family who owns hybrid autos.We actually need to look at getting a new car and it would be good to find something that saves on gasoline. In my ideal world, our children/pets/travel would be accommodated by either a Ford Escape Hybrid or a Saturn Vue SUV.

The Ford Escape Hybrid
--- Boasts 36 mpg in town.
--- Is used by many taxi fleets (roomy, low emissions and saves on gas). Choice of vehicles is definitely important for taxi companies, especially those who feel any social responsibility about emissions...taxis certainly drive around MUCH MORE than the average car.
--- Runs entirely off the battery if it is traveling less than 25 mph (sitting in gridlock, for instance). This definitely means lower emissions. :-)
Amusing fact: In what I consider my home state, people  have an annoying habit of STOPPING at many of the green, I guess it would save on emissions then, too...sigh.

Of course, hybrid cars have better mileage (like 20 or 30 miles per gallon better).

Toyota says that the Prius still has the "best MPG of any midsize vehicle." :-)
What I find hard to believe is that the uber-popular Toyota Prius has been on the market for about 13 years!

Things that make me smile about hybrids:
--- Regenerative braking.. This means that the battery charges some as you are slowing down to brake.
--- The article that I was looking at on the Kanetix site stated that insurance on hybrids had dropped considerably (and that was written in 2007).

The future is weird...
specifically, what might be your child's first hybrid "car."
I was just reading about the "i-Road" from Toyota.
This is a mix of motorcycle and car that debuted in Geneva last month. It is still in the concept stage.
The i-Road is a three-wheeled vehicle that is not very wide and can lean to the side like a motorcycle..."Active Lean" technology. It is supposed to be able to drive over uneven surfaces well but does not go very fast...30 mph.
At 30 mph, I guess it could be driven in some residential areas and, if there were no protesters who tried to pass new laws, on sidewalks. I am sure there would be some who would also try to drive it up the sides of roads, off-roading, etc. There might even be those who would argue that this was a vehicle safe for drivers under the legal age.
Depending on the price, I see controversy hitting a sidewalk near you.

One of my favorite bands (though this PSA and a female singer are not typical, in case you didn't know).
This video was nominated for the 2011 Grammy Awards. :-)
I must see if Little One likes this song any case, it will definitely be good for homeschooling.

Hot Wheels.....
As I am thinking about hybrid cars, Hot Wheels suddenly jump into my head.
Why hasn't Mattel come out with little electric cars for the older kids? I would play with that.

One thing I learned about car insurance..... (via the Kanetix Car Insurance Forum)
Apparently, in Canada, any licensed driver in your household should be included on your insurance as they might have access to your car (with or without permission). This includes children who never use the car and roommates.
I suppose that would cut down on a lot of insurance claim denials here.

* A Kharmann Ghia is the pink car that the female lead character Andy drove in "Pretty in Pink."
In my dream world, I would like a Volkswagen Karmann Ghia is a Touring Coupé which was not imported. It comes from Brazil and looks like an Italian version of a Porsche 911.


One of the most dangerous highways between Tijuana and Mexicali.
It is called "the Rumorosa" due to the sound of the wind in the cliffs.
Hundreds of accidents occur here each year.
-----Mexicali Sliders.  Includes both guacamole and a spicy mango sauce.
----- Loaded Mexicali Chicken. The cheese is going to be the dealbreaker as to whether I like this...I will try it with cheddar, with Monterey Jack and without cheese. I am definitely looking forward to using the sauce as a gravy over rice. :-)
----- Mexicali Chop with Crunchy Tortilla Strips
----- Mexicali Enchiladas
----- Mexicali Casserole
----- Mexicali Pie

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Intelligence, terrorism, giraffes and Olympians.

-----A student with Down Syndrome has been named to the National Honor Society. :-)

-----Landing gear that is believed to be from one of the jets that crashed on 9/11 has been found. I wonder if commentators will see some symbolic significance in where it was found at.
-----There are now 100 prisoners on hunger strike at Guantanamo. Apparently, part of what they are protesting is the conditions there.

-----Strange tidbit...learned via Giraffe (as in the restaurant):
Giraffes can clean their ears with their own tongues.

-----Apparently, San Diego and Tijuana...TIJUANA, of all places...have made a joint proposal to host the 2024 Olympics.
~ ~ ~ Does Tijuana have plans to clean up its reputation (and actual way of being)?
~ ~ ~ What will the "immigration" situation be like by then?
~ ~ ~ This is not the only recent pair-up between San Diego and Tijuana. Apparently they are becoming a "global drone hub."

One of the most dangerous highways between Tijuana and Mexicali.
It is called "the Rumorosa" due to the sound of the wind in the cliffs.
Hundreds of accidents occur here each year.

Friday, April 26, 2013

I am a sciatic super heroine.

Recently I read that TENS Units (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulators) can sometimes help with sciatica. I am a frequent sciatica suffer and need all the help I can get as it really affected me during pregnancy and has been an issue since. It was the same way with Little One (only just during pregnancy). This means that I have endured two bouts of about a year each of DAILY sciatica issues....pain relief would be nice.

Visit LGMedSupply Online :-) There is a 3-year warranty on all units, free nationwide shipping over $100 and a most impressive assortment.
This company even has an online customer blog.

Muscle Stimulators
I have a friend who is recovering from a surgery that removed muscles in her thigh (cancer). I am going to bring up with her that a device like this might help with re-education of what remains of the muscles. There is even a  LG-TEC Dual Combo TENS Unit and Muscle Stimulator that can also help with the pain that she sometimes still gets.

Of course, I am crazy and I will not let the sciatica get the best of me.
What do I mean by this?
When I get the go-ahead for full exercise from my doctor, I am going to start training for a couple of marathons. Apparently, many people with sciatica managed to successfully run marathons without aggravating the sciatica. I will research and I will be one of those marathon runners within the next three years. :-)

So far, I am planning on running two marathons:
---Walt Disney World Marathon. Some of the runs during this marathon weekend actually sell out! I would like to be in good enough shape and have a good enough sciatica-management strategy to run the last (and main event of that weekend). A race through all four parks will be a wonderful accent to one of the two Disney trips that I plan for our Little Ones. :-)
---Sigh. Well this may be the end of my plans for the second marathon. I wanted to run the Grand Canyon Marathon but the permit was not obtainable for them to hold the event this year. It is thought that this will be a precedent for future years. MAYBE I WILL JUST HAVE TO RUN DISNEY TWICE. :-)    :-)    :-)


I read a tidbit that was not explained further but I will be looking into....most definitely looking into. Running can make sciatica painful but CAN POSSIBLY HELP IN TREATMENT!!!  :-)

Speaking of  marathons.....
Kudos to  the Key Bank City Marathon (Burlington, Vermont). They opened up 150 more slots for next month's accommodate Boston Marathoners who couldn't finish. There will be no registration fee for those runners. AWESOME!

This post is a work-in-progress. :-)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Those who do not strive to be like snowflakes...
Grumble. Grumble. Grumble.

Cloning doesn't just happen in a test tube.
OK...everyone has that one person who has to compete on everything.
I have six and ignoring them or removing myself never works. did work in the case of a seventh person.
There is hope to get away from the incessant chatter that accompanies intrusive rivalry yet.
Being your own person sometimes means that others decide to be your own person.

Friday, April 19, 2013

What David Bowie Knows

"What David Bowie Knows"
by Thebluestbutterfly

Dragged through tunnel of illusions.
Vibrancy ceased.
A hand extended rough and false.
A hand extended rough and false.
Needs to ignore.
Oh, the places we will go.
Needs to ignore.
Needs to ignore. Tears postpone,hide,store.
And I will have more labyrinth survival skills than Bowie.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

President Obama wants to tax cigarettes 94 cents more per pack. The money would fund childhood education.
A Walmart employee found and returned $20,000 to a customer. :-)

In My Life.....

I am taking an irrational thinking class (behavioral economics). I was not feeling well for a while and was supposed to take a quiz yesterday but then water got in the internet router. In perhaps the biggest irrationality of mine in a long time, I am still going to try passing the class. This is HIGHLY unlikely as I could only miss around 4 points and part of it is a peer-graded assessment (which can be so arbitrary).

Dr. Oz episode on anti-depressants.
A guest doctor said that doctors can basically do three things: cut, use relationship and use prescription pad.

This Coconut Cream Pie recipe sounds like it might be worth a try. :-)
Judy Garland's 'Ding Dong The Witch is Dead' is No. 2 in UK iTunes charts.
And then I find out the unhappy reason why...people are celebrating Margret Thatcher's death. Sigh.

The Air Force has begun grounding combat aircraft. This rotation of stand downs is a result of the Sequester.
"The current situation means we're accepting the risk that combat airpower may not be ready to respond immediately to new contingencies as they occur," Hostage said.

Friday, April 05, 2013


Do I have time for drama? No.
Does it make time for me? Why, of course.
Does drama chase me even? Gladly!

How to change or lessen the effect of certain elements of my life?
Busy time for me...a time that is supposed to be one of great wonder, joy and happiness.

Yet, the usual persists.
Imposing your preferences, priorities, projects you want to escape.
I am tired of the lazy and the manipulative.

I have taken the day to make sure my priorities are handled (creative undertaking since I am on bedrest).
I am sure you would have all sorts of YOUR ideas and projects of better things that I could be doing...if you knew.

Life's lesson to learn:
Sometimes when a sloth goes to cling to a tree branch, it mistakes its own arm for a branch.
When you find yourself with no one to catch you, the impact will not be pleasant.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

We have a high school age friend who is homeschooled. I loved his Facebook status...
"Cut my frog into pieces. This is my lab report."

Via Chris Pirillo:
"Hoping to compete with Amazon, WalMart is considering a radical plan to have store customers deliver packages to online buyers."

Cool...Gordon Ramsay put on a 3K race to raise awareness for childhood obesity. This was part of a Hell's Kitchen episode. There were Olympians present. Apparently, Ramsay has run several marathons (something I plan to start training for after Baby One is born...I have two marathons on my bucket list).

I am wondering if there is an app for working toward water drinking goals.

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