Monday, December 02, 2013

In My Life.....
Evil, Buttless Monsters, Turkey and Vain Wolves in Loose Sheep Attire

When I was changing Toddler's diaper yesterday, he made two "evil monsters" with his fists.
I told him even evil monsters have to get their diapers changed when they're little.
Toddler told me that monsters don't have a "popo."
("Popo" is German for butt.)
I asked him about this later.
He knows two monsters and they don't have popos..they have "costume-is."
Then he handed me his Iron Man costume to help him put on saying, "I like this, it doesn't hurt my neck."
(Toddler is particular about tags/neckines.)
I told him how to sit down and see where to put his legs in his costume himself and when he was done he said, "I did it. I dressed up."

-----The next turkey we have, I would like to make Chipotle Turkey Pozole with the leftovers. There is a Hispanic grocery store around here to get the cheese but they do not have a phone/internet listing anywhere I could find. My mother-in-law does remember which direction the market is, we will go looking soon. :-)
-----I hate when people pretend to be considerate but really they are very much the opposite...and, if you point this out in any way to anyone, YOU are being the inconsiderate one. Of course, if you come up with some way these people can help, they find a way to escape at the first opportunity or their body language gives their ire away. #WoolNotPulledOverMyEyes

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