Friday, December 06, 2013

Friday 5.....
"Mother Goose, May I?"

1. Have you any wool?
Somewhere I have a nice pea jacket and several blazers. I am careful with wool because I had a pretty bad allergic reaction to it once. We think our Toddler might be sensitive to some fabrics but haven't figured out what yet...seems to be polyester blends.

2. How mony men have ye?
Husband whom I am very proud of. A son in college whom I am very proud of. :-)

3. How does your garden grow?
It's winter right now but the roses and raspberries we transplanted in September, when my Mother passed away, seem to be doing well. My Mother-in-Law just gave me some new Wandering Jew plants from my Grandmother-in-Law and those have new growth. I am organizing a bunch of seeds for the Spring. I want to plant my Mother's cactus seeds.

Pussy cat, pussy cat, where have you been?
Hopefully, no where near me.
Please, please let me be.
Your dander is a no-win.
(I have only ever encountered three truly friendly, clean, non-allergy-bothersome cats. I need to see more cats...from afar.)

5. What are little boys made of?
Looking around the playroom as I type. Apparently, writing in their pencil boxes, attempting to drive a riding car on the car table, Elmo find-the-item books, pulling shoelaces out, poking hundreds of holes in cardboard boxes, wearing a socker shirt backwards so it looks like Star Wars armor on the front and repeatedly blocking entryways with projects. This is my Toddler. :-)

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