Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Mystery of Underwear.....

Truth be told, I have long wondered what all those undergarments that the young girls wear to give the (on-first-glance)appearance of slimness are. I guess the secret is Seamless shape wear.

During the time that I took to look at the Unbelievabra site for the Best Body shaper, my interest in this kind of thing became increased due to the results of my latest endocrinologist visit. My thyroid has been trying to die out for several years now, I started out as a small person and I am grateful for that....making the weird, sudden weight gains not as bad as they could be. Still I have not been feeling well and have gained eleven pounds during that time. I will be exercising as much as I can without the fatigue that is a symptom setting in and maybe looking at buying some shaping garments for my self-esteem (if the sudden weight gains of about ten pounds become a trend as they have in the past).

The above product is a "Silkee Long Minimizer." It is what I am most interested in out of all the products I looked at on the Shapeez/Unbelievabra site. I think it would be the most comfortable option that would do the most overall shaping without wearing the slip that is sold on this site.
---The underwire cup could be good or bad....just depending on what one is wearing. It seems that could add an extra level of confinement or restraint that might get uncomfortable with some clothing. Despite claims you will forget you are wearing it, I am skeptical with a few garments that have bodices, etc. in the chest area. It may help that there is also a molded foam cup option.
---On the positive side, the way this garment is constructed makes it so those who are big-chested don't have to worry about cup sizes appearing to be added.
---The "Silkee Short Minimizer" seems to be this company's version of an actual bra. In this case, picking out the Best Bra can be a bit different than expected...sizes might be different without all the closures and so on...there is a sizing guide and videos.
---"Look thinner instantly." The looking thinner is supposed to help the clothed appearance of one's waist, tummy, hips and back.
---There is a no roll hem. In general, the garment does not look like it will bunch up under clothing.
---Limited color choices: Nude and Black
---I don't know if more colors are needed than just nude and black. I noticed that almost every product on this site only comes in these colors.
---"Straps will never fall down."

All of the Unbelievabra products are made in the USA. :-)

Bra and Cami with cleavage cover

Best back smoothing bra and cami

"The only gossip I'm interested in is in the Weekly World News- 'Woman's bra bursts, 11 injured.' That kind of thing."
-Johnny Depp


nargish said...

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Annie said...

I'm going to Lane Bryants tomorrow looking for something like this. Need to trim a bit so my MOTB dress fall just right next month. LOL


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