Monday, November 25, 2013

Operation Jilted Pilgrim....

I have decided that holiday preparations will now have codenames. This year, my Mother passed away in September and my siblings and I are each clinging to our respective families at Thanksgiving. It is important to me to have nostalgic holidays this year but it seems the weight of putting anything together is all on me so far. Husband is trying to help but he is not one for holidays. Our roommate would rather we observe "The Red Man's Day of Mourning" and I think she suggested we do that with her the day after. The pilgrim is being pushed away hard...Operation Jilted Pilgrim.

Yesterday evening we strung up some Christmas lights. These were the first that Infant has seen and she was amazed. Toddler was so happy that he was sticking out his tongue as he smiled. This reminded me of the hours that my father spent with the lights each year (when people repaired their lights and stored them carefully vs. nonchalantly buying new). We are old school about lights due to sentimentality, respect for the environment and...quite frankly, a very tight budget.
We are still using lights from about a decade ago. :-)

I wanted gherkins as they were required on the relish trays of my childhood. Husband accidentally got small dills (a confusion that has occurred in holidays past). This year the thought occurred to me that there must be a way to turn store-bought dills into sweet pickles...thus, I an working on a batch of "Cheater Sweet Pickles."  I found several recipes using store-bought dills to make sweet pickles but this one is so easy...just dill pickles and sugar. I tasted a small slice after the initial stirring and the process seems to be working. I think these are going to be good.

Next year:
-----A continuous border of turkeys on the walls all the way around the interior of the house. At changing levels for fun.
-----Loveless Cafe's Southern Mac N' Cheese recipe. I will have to make another kind for those who don't like or have a sensitivity to blue cheese. This will be one of the few times that anything like Velveeta is in my house.


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