Tuesday, September 03, 2013

In My Life.....

-----Listening to a band I vaguely remember called Vallejo. Instrumentals are nice and loud. Hmmm. Uncertain what I think. Young and somewhat streetwise young men. Album was 2000....so I should look and see how they have changed (if they still exist).
-----Little One might remember this toy used to play music....needs new batteries. She is complaining at the musical(music-less) part.
-----I sure wish that my Android had not gone missing. It really made a lot of aspects of my life easier...too expensive to replace for now. I signed up for Jingit but it seems like it will be a while until I am able to get the debit card that gives you access to earnings. Sigh. Like many things it seems this would go much smoother if there were use of a smartphone involved....meanwhile I still have to pay for a data plan on the Android I don't have. Double sigh.
-----I still can't pronounce Goethe properly...but I keep trying. I have taken to sending Husband German love poems (so beautiful).
-----Right now my hair detangling spray is a good friend. I am in need of a haircut but can't justify spending the money in light of other expenses. Maybe I can get an in-law to cut my hair the next visit. I wish I could convince my very artistic husband that he has the talent necessary to do a haircut.

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