Sunday, May 12, 2013

Snail Mail Holders and More

I am looking at residential for our future use and one to point out to a friend who may need to replace theirs that keeps falling off.

The Whitehall mailboxes are nice from a utilitarian point of view. They go with a lot of home exteriors, seem very sturdy and don't rust.
~ ~ ~ The Whitehall models even have mounts with several boxes...great for landlords. :-)


I am a bit puzzled by the personalized doormats. I haven't actually seen an aluminum doormat before and I don't know how one keeps them clean (or even gets their shoes clean). Hmmm.

I do know what coir fiber is as I have spent a considerable amount of time in home decor shops. I seem to be allergic to either the fiber extracted from coconut husks(coir) or something used to treat it when the mats are made. I did some research and found that coir is an allergen and there is often latex used in preparing mats...that would explain it for me. Still, if I really liked a coir doormat, I would just have Husband handle it and clean it. You can't be allergic through your shoes. :-)
~ ~ ~ I noticed that both the aluminum and coir doormats have free shipping.

An aluminum doormat that I like.
Filigree Rectangle Welcome Mat in "French Bronze"
Handcrafted and reproduced from a carving. :-)

I can't decide if I like this one more.
Mayflower Welcome Mat. I like the pretty gate look.

This is my favorite of the two coir doormats currently available.


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