Thursday, May 09, 2013

What Us Big People are Eating.....

-----"Perfect Beef Stew" is what we will have for dinner tonight. My first foray back into cooking all the time (since I was on bedrest and Newborn came into our lives). A slow cooker recipe.
-----Later in the week, I am making a three-bean taco chili with an emphasis on getting my Toddler, the picky eater, to finally eat sweet peppers. Currently, he is extremely interested in them every time and insists that he wants some but, every time but one, he chews them really good and then spits them out. It's a texture thing. I have learned that if I change the shape (diced and bright on top to be mixed in with this chili), make it a small portion of the shunned item when he is hungry after an exciting day, and point out when he liked it before....that works wonders. If I can successfully get him to eat two bites of a shunned food and like  it then we are good to go after that. It wasn't that long ago when all I had to do was say that he was trying new things like Sam I Am to get him sampling.
-----The chili recipe is actually going to be my version of a colorful dish emphasizing vegetables for a child . This is part of a class on nutrition/cooking for children that I am taking via Stanford and Coursera. There will be a few tomato slices on the side (which Toddler likes) and a glass of milk. We will follow this with strawberries for dessert (there was supposed to be plum slices also but we have to wait for them to ripen).
-----Fresh Garden Vegetable Salad with Black Olives.  Another one that I am going to try presenting to Toddler in some way that he will be eager to eat. It is a paleo recipe. The blog post I linked to said the dressing is healthy vs. "PUFA-rich" vinagrettes that are found at the grocery store. Now I must look up what it means for something to be PUFA-rich.
-----Beef Chili with Bacon and Black Beans. Pretty close to several of our standard chili recipes (other than the bacon). Still, I want to experiment with this.

Kudos to Husband for taking Toddler on a night drive to get him to sleep and to pick up all the ingredients for these recipes and other groceries. Husband said Toddler was telling him what everything was. When I asked if Toddler said he wanted anything...salad dressing. :-)
Along with a happy, sleeping Toddler, Husband also brought and made up my requested turkey sandwich. There was even a surprise bottle of Gatorade. Perfect for doing chores at the end of a hot day.
I love our family and our life.

---Reason for title? Newborn is a Nursie Baby. :-)

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