Tuesday, May 07, 2013

O Canada. O Calgary.

Tonight I was looking at a Calgary real estate site. No, I am not moving to Canada (though it would be wonderful to go on a getaway near the Canadian side of Niagara Falls for a while).

I am not familiar with Calgary real estate agents...
so, the site of the Cliff Stevenson Group was my first introduction to what buying a house in Canada is like.
---The Cliff Stevenson Group site has an accompanying video blog. :-) I hope that this portion of the site starts getting used again. I noticed that there are also 31 videos on YouTube (last update a year ago).
---Houses on this site all seem to be fairly large.
---The prices are $200,000+. This is not my price range but it does give me an idea of where the nice areas are for planning future vacations.
---This real estate agency actually keeps you updated about both feedback from potential buyers and developments in the housing market! The Cliff Stevenson Group goes the extra mile to make sure sellers know in a timely manner that someone is coming to see the house. :-)

I wish that all real estate agents in the U.S. put such detail into helping sell the house quickly and effectively. Sigh,

Things for us to do in Calgary:
---Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra. Next time I listen to a full-fledged orchestra, I will be wearing noise-buffering headphones like my children do though. Why? Last time I listened to an orchestra, not only did my ears ring...but my heart rate also was abnormal the whole time. Perhaps it was because the performance was in an area that was too small for such. Hmmm.
---Calgary Zoo. Of course, zoos cause me to pause morally. I do support all the things that they do to help animals (that and the educational value are why we go). I am also hoping that we get to the Cincinnati Zoo here in the States this year.
---Firefighters Museum of Calgary. This would be great for when Newborn gets older. At the end of the summer, we are planning on taking Toddler on a trip to one of the fire stations here in the States.
---Calaway Park. Large amusement park. :-)
---Calgary Tower. The $20 cost is probably worth experiencing at least once. I don't know if children go up in this observation tower for free. You take an elevator up and one of the levels has an area where tourists can stand on glass and look down. The view includes the city and the Rocky Mountains. :-)
---Calgary Stampede. Huge 10-day event! Includes a rodeo, agricultural fair and exhibits, art exhibits/sale, a trade fair and a midway (among other things).

This video was for sellers...about whether the home is clean enough for possession day.
I disagree with Cliff on one point in this presentation-sometimes a buyer does appreciate the things left behind.
I am not talking in terms of a sofa that the seller didn't want but antiques and other items with great resale value may be something that the buyer will be happy to find a home for. :-) I think there should be a candid and honest dialogue between buyers and sellers about anything that gets left behind. :-)

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