Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Great Sequester Damage List.....
Well, it's not a great list at all. :-(

Licensed photo by Johanna Ljungblom.

An ongoing and growing list. :-(

----- House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is citing the sequester in the cause of a bridge collapse that occured recently.
----- A lot of damage to airports. Big delays. This is one cut that has been widely covered by the media.
----- Catholic Charities of Miami will be closing a Miami Gardens program that serves about 30 hot lunches a day to elderly residents of an apartment building.
----- All sorts of cuts to the benefits of soldiers.  I keep finding more things that are negatively affecting people in the even goes so far as to include the timing for adoption of children.
-----Cuts to the Forest Service budget.  About half of that budget is normally used for fighting fires.

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