Friday, April 05, 2013


Do I have time for drama? No.
Does it make time for me? Why, of course.
Does drama chase me even? Gladly!

How to change or lessen the effect of certain elements of my life?
Busy time for me...a time that is supposed to be one of great wonder, joy and happiness.

Yet, the usual persists.
Imposing your preferences, priorities, projects you want to escape.
I am tired of the lazy and the manipulative.

I have taken the day to make sure my priorities are handled (creative undertaking since I am on bedrest).
I am sure you would have all sorts of YOUR ideas and projects of better things that I could be doing...if you knew.

Life's lesson to learn:
Sometimes when a sloth goes to cling to a tree branch, it mistakes its own arm for a branch.
When you find yourself with no one to catch you, the impact will not be pleasant.

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