Sunday, April 28, 2013

The quest for the new family car.....
and someday I would like a hybrid Karmann Ghia.*

I am taking a look at an article about hybrid cars while watching Les Mis with friends and family tonight.
This is a site to compare insurance (obviously including auto insurance), mortgage rates and credit cards.

Believe it or not, I only know one family who owns hybrid autos.We actually need to look at getting a new car and it would be good to find something that saves on gasoline. In my ideal world, our children/pets/travel would be accommodated by either a Ford Escape Hybrid or a Saturn Vue SUV.

The Ford Escape Hybrid
--- Boasts 36 mpg in town.
--- Is used by many taxi fleets (roomy, low emissions and saves on gas). Choice of vehicles is definitely important for taxi companies, especially those who feel any social responsibility about emissions...taxis certainly drive around MUCH MORE than the average car.
--- Runs entirely off the battery if it is traveling less than 25 mph (sitting in gridlock, for instance). This definitely means lower emissions. :-)
Amusing fact: In what I consider my home state, people  have an annoying habit of STOPPING at many of the green, I guess it would save on emissions then, too...sigh.

Of course, hybrid cars have better mileage (like 20 or 30 miles per gallon better).

Toyota says that the Prius still has the "best MPG of any midsize vehicle." :-)
What I find hard to believe is that the uber-popular Toyota Prius has been on the market for about 13 years!

Things that make me smile about hybrids:
--- Regenerative braking.. This means that the battery charges some as you are slowing down to brake.
--- The article that I was looking at on the Kanetix site stated that insurance on hybrids had dropped considerably (and that was written in 2007).

The future is weird...
specifically, what might be your child's first hybrid "car."
I was just reading about the "i-Road" from Toyota.
This is a mix of motorcycle and car that debuted in Geneva last month. It is still in the concept stage.
The i-Road is a three-wheeled vehicle that is not very wide and can lean to the side like a motorcycle..."Active Lean" technology. It is supposed to be able to drive over uneven surfaces well but does not go very fast...30 mph.
At 30 mph, I guess it could be driven in some residential areas and, if there were no protesters who tried to pass new laws, on sidewalks. I am sure there would be some who would also try to drive it up the sides of roads, off-roading, etc. There might even be those who would argue that this was a vehicle safe for drivers under the legal age.
Depending on the price, I see controversy hitting a sidewalk near you.

One of my favorite bands (though this PSA and a female singer are not typical, in case you didn't know).
This video was nominated for the 2011 Grammy Awards. :-)
I must see if Little One likes this song any case, it will definitely be good for homeschooling.

Hot Wheels.....
As I am thinking about hybrid cars, Hot Wheels suddenly jump into my head.
Why hasn't Mattel come out with little electric cars for the older kids? I would play with that.

One thing I learned about car insurance..... (via the Kanetix Car Insurance Forum)
Apparently, in Canada, any licensed driver in your household should be included on your insurance as they might have access to your car (with or without permission). This includes children who never use the car and roommates.
I suppose that would cut down on a lot of insurance claim denials here.

* A Kharmann Ghia is the pink car that the female lead character Andy drove in "Pretty in Pink."
In my dream world, I would like a Volkswagen Karmann Ghia is a Touring Coupé which was not imported. It comes from Brazil and looks like an Italian version of a Porsche 911.

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