Saturday, March 09, 2013

In My Life.....

We got mostly through the first episode of "The Bible" last night. We had it recorded on the TV. It is certainly not a boring series...visually spectacular and the visually spectacular is varied. It was unusual to see Noah portrayed by a man whose accent appeared to be Scottish.
"The Bible is brought to you in part by Walmart."
A while back this series could be pre-ordered at one of the Walmarts near us.
I don't know if the "Vikings" series that started the same day was for sale, also. Little One thoroughly approves of the fact that AWOL Nation's song "Sail" was used in all of the Vikings commercials. :-)

I am on page 36. As soon as I get finished reading this for some genealogy research that I am doing, I am going to send it off to an aunt who also likes to do that sort of research. :-) Of course, when I bought the book new about seven or eight years ago, it was $19.95...welcome to the age of Amazon. :-)

Speaking of moral things..."90210" on the CW has become an immoral thing. Beyond immoral (even though I am sure it will be some sort of misunderstanding). It is being indicated in the previews that Naomi got drunk and married her half-brother. Maybe he will turn out to not be her half-brother and she suddenly found out before marrying him. One thing is for sure...I am never watching this show again. #beyondridiculous

Murder and actors who are busy trying to fool the world/a private investigator. I think this is the tenth novel featuring the private investigator. Not my usual read...but I will read it before passing it on. An Advance Reader copy that I should get around to reviewing though I no longer have an idea who it was being reviewed for. Even if the company sending me a book doesn't require a review, I like to do it sooner or later. When I am done, I have found a new home for this one.

Peter Garrett (lead singer) is someone I admire a lot as he has really tried to help people for years! This is an example of the many kinds of music Little One will grow up listening to. Husband thought the music and the didgeridoo were awesome. Once upon a time, "Beds are Burning" was a hit, Australian friends are amazed that I have even heard of this band. I like a lot of songs from Midnight Oil for their beauty and their truthful look at history.

Seriously, the bunnies get splashed with mud and the bear decides have them hop in the washing machine and get washed on the delicate cycle? There is some awful children's literature out there!

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