Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sigh. I have forgotten about Lumosity for a while. I am particularly doing the brain games on here to try improving my peripheral vision (I don't really have any). There seems to be some improvement. I am also noticing weird things...the eye that is functionally blind sometimes still sees the memory games though I am not consciously paying attention.
---I have a weird catching ability like this that amazes people. I can catch things very suddenly and quickly though I do not seem to be looking at them at all. In fact, I am a very good catcher...only when I don't see it coming.

So, apparently one of Charlie Chaplin's half brothers, Sydney, quit acting and fled to America when he was (justifiably) accused of biting an actress's nipple off in a sexual assault.
---Pretty sure this will be the strangest thing I learn all day.

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