Sunday, March 17, 2013

Rapunzel needs more hair.

So, I just got my hair cut....and it was LONG. I needed to get rid of split ends (and wanted it to look groomed). Now, I need  101 ways to make my hair grow faster. :-) I was very fond of my long hair but the cut had to be done....anyway, now I am wondering how pregnancy and my thyroid issues are going to affect regrowth.

Tips and thoughts (
--- A nice reminder....oily hair can become worse when always washed daily.
--- I am a bit leery of the idea of putting minced onion in my shampoo (or anywhere near my nose/eyes). Hmm. I must look into this.
---Green tea capsules. From what I have read these are high in antioxidants and also have way less caffeine than their liquid counterparts.

Home remedies to make hair grow faster
---Anything involving alfalfa juice or beetroot juice is something that I have never experimented with. Perhaps I should look for recipes.
---Rest is one of the simpler things that can be grows quicker while one is at rest.
:-) Getting your "crowning beauty" sleep.

Home remedies for hair growth
---"Oiling in long hair is a must." This I did not know. I looked on YouTube and discovered there are several articles on "extreme oiling."

For horse thieving, kidnapping, jail breaking, and using her hair in a manner other than nature intended!
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Girly Girl said...

Your hair will grow faster if you do oil treatments with unrefined virgin coconut oil (not the kind on the hair isle). I use it to help with my hair growth. Although right now I have split ends from way before... so it's helping but it can only do so much. I also need a trim.


Girly Girl,
I will have to find the unrefined virgin coconut oil. A lot of the stores around here don't have several more "gourmet" ingredients...but maybe Whole Foods or a trip to Trader Joe's. :-)
Thank you.

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