Friday, March 22, 2013

Other than the Navy, all branches of the military are enduring suspension of Tuition Assistance (as a result of The Sequester). One of the petitions protesting this, which is still sign-able,  has reached the 100,000 signatures required to get a formal response from the White House.

"For their service and sacrifice, warm words of thanks from a grateful nation are more than warranted, but they aren't nearly enough. We also owe our veterans the care they were promised and the benefits that they have earned. We have a sacred trust with those who wear the uniform of the United States of America. It's a commitment that begins at enlistment, and it must never end. But we know that for too long, we've fallen short of meeting that commitment. Too many wounded warriors go without the care that they need. Too many veterans don't receive the support that they've earned. Too many who once wore our nation's uniform now sleep in our nation's streets."

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