Sunday, March 24, 2013

In My Life.....

I am reading this for a composition class that is more intensive than any of the (many) others I have taken. It is taught by an instructor from Duke University. We are supposed to write a critical review of the first chapter. Thus far, I am getting a lot out of this book. It is talking about talent relying on intense, stumbling practice. One needs to find the point where goals are a growing, yet reachable, challenge.

Maybe sometime after Baby One is born, I will get brave enough to try Kool Aid Hair Dying. I think that is temporary, right?? At this point, I would only do hair coloring that is very temporary (I have an unusual natural hair color that I keep for sentimental reasons). Anyway, I noticed that some of the Kool Aid Hair Dye also uses food coloring and I wonder how that works as far as mess/coming out.
---So...I will now be referring to our children as Toddler One and Baby One. :-)

Waiting, waiting. Nine Inch Nails is going on tour again this year! It looks like first they are touring Europe...some of the dates are already up. It is the dates for the arena touring in the United States that I am waiting for. I could not attend when NIN came through the States with the NINJA tour (and I really, really wanted to). Husband has said that if the location is at all do-able, we will be going this time...I am guessing late 2013 or sometime in 2014.

While I am a big proponent of homeschooling, I don't often hold much stock with unschooling. I have seen a lot of unschooling descend into just a complete lack of education (with both the children and parents not realizing how little was learned during the formative years). I am planning to give this book a try at some point though.



Hevel said...

Argh, I just bought something on Amazon w/o remembering you had links! Grr.

Regarding unschooling. I am unschooling an independent learner. I don't think it would really work with a younger child. I have done it three times with teenagers, for shorter or longer periods, while I used a more structured and classic homeschool approach with younger kids.


That's okay. :-)

Your thoughts on unschooling are very insightful.Yes,it will likely work very well at the children get older.

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