Friday, March 01, 2013

A sign of my times.

Safety signs are actually a source of many memories for me.
There was:
~ ~ ~ The loved one who collected them.
~ ~ ~ The elderly loved one who decided to "yield" by coming to a complete stop in front of an oncoming semi and a station wagon. (Read this a near-death experience).
~ ~ ~ The semi that ignored the signs not to go into the parking lot I was walking through. He then drove in a diagonal line towards slowly that I felt I was in a movie. A bit later, the driver decided it was time to turn around as I made my escape out of the parking lot. Of course, he chose an unwise route and almost hit me as he drove diagonally over the tops of two medians. Maybe he saw me...I don't know-he was driving away too fast during my slightly shocked efforts to see his "How's My Driving?" sign. (Read this as another near-death experience.)
~ ~ ~ The college students who ran out into the street and took them into their dorm. This would have been funny if it weren't a big safety hazard  I am sure they did not think it was funny when the bus driver going by got on her CB and reported the the police.
~ ~ ~ Not quite a sign...but the warning stickers that a group of friends and myself were given permission to put on cars that were trespassing. The wording other than "Violators Will be Towed" was altered on one and placed on a toilet. :-)

It was interesting earlier to explore

I particularly liked that there were signs against aspect where I feel the American educational system is actually making efforts in the right direction. :-)
I applaud this company for offering these signs. I might get one for homeschooling. I know some teachers and daycare providers that I will be passing the info on to. :-)

The traffic signs were a good thing to make note of...for when I have my own business. As, were, of course, the parking signs. 
~ ~ ~ It was unusual for me to see "family-friendly parking" and parking for families with small children. I don't think I have ever seen a company actually do this. Hmmm. The prices on this are not bad....under $20!
~ ~ ~ I noticed that many of the signs are "MUTCD" and DOT compliant. Being an ever curious person, I had to find out what the MUTCD is...the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

A photo I took several years ago of a stop sign that was for two different directions. I used this for a "yellow" meme.
Somewhere, I have a photo where there is ice on the sign and a ice piece in the shape of the sign has separated from the lower sign.

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