Sunday, February 24, 2013

In My Life.....

-----Yesterday was International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day. This is a holiday that the dogs here feel should be observed every day.
-----It must be a Douglas Adams sort of day. "And Another Thing" is on the nightstand shelf as I have been reading it when I can't sleep. I purposefully left the last bit of punctuation off a tweet to make it so there were 42 characters left. The lecture I am reading through is "Philosophy and the Meaning of Life."
-----Today I want to start planning what sort of workouts I will be doing once I am done with this pregnancy and the doctor clears me for full-fledged exercise. Of course, toddler-chasing gives a lot of exercise.
-----A while back I took a course on Listening to World Music which spent a considerable amount of time on Aboriginal music and culture. Today, another course that I am taking on Aboriginal worldview and education started early. The only thing that is a bit of an obstacle so far is that the course I am currently taking is presented from the Canadian viewpoint.
-----"How to Choose a Kid-Friendly Family Dog." One of our previous family doctors was of the (strong) opinion that a child should not have a dog before age 8! Our dog is of a breed that is a bit anxious (not to be read as violent like some breeds can be around children). We did send her to relatives when Little One was first born and slowly got her used to being around children. I think it all depends on the dog and the family lifestyle as to what is a kid-friendly dog.
-----It is interesting for myself, being American, to try to completely understand a lecture by a Scottish professor who liberally sprinkles there lectures with "like" and "you know." Reading through a transcript of a lecture like this (w/o the accent, of course) definitely takes more time.

"Do the Top Chef chefs have to stay and clean the kitchen? Because that would dictate my cooking style if I were on the show."
-The blogstress at "Outside My Head." This blogger keeps a running list of things one of the family dogs eats that she is not supposed to...I would do that but the list would get pretty repetitive. Our Doggie eats stuffed animals, anything that looks like a stuffed animal (gloves for one thing), tennis balls (would make a good quality assurance tester on these), and food that our toddler drops/throws/tells her to "beg" for. Doggie is also obsessive about trying to pull keilbasa wrappers out of the garbage to lick.

On a side note, Little One not only has a loud/hilarious time getting the dog to "beg" but also tells her "bang." Since she views him as the source of interesting (and sometimes pre-chewed) food, she will play dead after being told "bang" longer for Little One than any other family member.

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