Sunday, February 03, 2013

In My Life.....

----- At bedtime, Little One told Daddy to take his glasses off and then said "snore."
----- "The Carrie Diaries" looks more morally objectionable than "Sex and the City." I guess I shouldn't be surprised...but I am.
----- Not pleased that Google has eliminated the descriptions with Image Search. This will make my way of learning culinary things more difficult. I guess I will be (reluctantly) using Yahoo for image searches. I am not the only person I know who is annoyed with this change.
----- Husband suggested we re-watch "Batman Begins" last night. I was amused when had to order extra costume parts to avoid suspicion. Wondering if he eventually used all 10,000 spares. :-)
----- Microeconomics for Managers prof keeps bringing up the reading of future chapters...during the current chapter. #notenoughtimeintheworld
----- Husband said that he feels better than he did before. He seems to have a chest cold and we are trying not to catch it.
----- So TED will have a presence at Burning Man this year? That's my understanding. Wow.
----- Craving steak. I have not had a steak in so long.
----- Husband is amused by the name of this man's shop on "Pawn Stars"...Rusty Nuts Rod & Customs.
-----We are getting the new book "Darth Vader and Son" for Little One. According to the reviews, it is very cute and humorous. It is at several stores (including Walmart where it is 8-something and Target where it is almost 15 dollars).
-----In my philosophy class, we are going to do a case study on "the meaning of life." #amusedinadouglasadamsway
-----I found a long list of American philosophers to work through learning about. I am also interested in Christian philosophy.
-----Did My Chemical Romance do a cover of "We Will Rock You?"


This evening we were watching the History Channel...
there was a commercial with Moses.
Little One said "That guy angry."

Then there was a commercial on Vikings that used Awolnation's "Sail..."
Little One responded with, "Like that song, Sail."
Later, when asked to sing it, he sang the word "Sail" over and over.
He usually includes "on sail" at least once in his singing of this song.


Cool quote:
“We may not be able to prepare the future for our children, but we can at least prepare our children for the future.”
― Franklin D. Roosevelt

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