Thursday, February 28, 2013

The inside joke here is that a drunken person once felt they were insulting me by calling me this.

-----I did not know that Toys for Tots has a literacy program.

-----Speaking of books, I have downloaded three that are free for Kindle (at least free for today).
~ ~ ~ "Perfect Me" by Jason Z. Christie. This book describes itself as reading like Douglas Adams...we will see.
~ ~ ~ "Reaching Your Reluctant Reader." I do not, and hopefully will not, have a child who is a reluctant reader. I am excited to see what creative approaches to literacy this book suggests.
~ ~ ~ "Honey Badger at Home." A children's book about compassion. We are going to try reading this tonight. The book is described as being beautifully illustrated. :-) A friend of mine has also downloaded this to read to her niece and nephew. :-)

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