Wednesday, February 27, 2013

-----I wish that I had the money/know-how to develop apps. I have a couple of ideas for my Android.
-----Among the other fun "holidays," a Johnny Cash Day would be great. :-)
-----We love Steak N' Shake but I don't think I will EVER have a craving for a burger that has 7 patties and 7 slices of cheese! I might crave to ask if they will let me buy some more patties or bring along some extra bread (to divide among friends as a part of their meal). I did notice that there was a headline in the sidebar about "7 Worst Foods for Your Body."
-----I saw a pin on Pinterest of cinder block raised beds. This would be great...until I was gardening and fell on one. Not for those with running children or the ultra-klutzy.

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