Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Yesterday I was grateful for:
-----Optimism. I always come through things with that.
-----Getting a lot of clothes that were in storage washed.
-----A friend of a friend sent some clothes and a bunch of homeschooling things that we can use.
-----I am finally on the recovery side of having a cold.
-----Husband decided that we are going to take a stand about someone who said something unkind based on their (entirely wrong because they are close-minded) assumptions of how people in society are typically portrayed. This person was not only far off-base, but ethically and professionally wrong in their actions. I was very touched that Husband cared that much about how I felt about it. Sorry for being cryptic to blog readers, it was just a set of comments that were appalling and given under the guise of goodwill complete with insults.
-----I am proud of myself because I plan to write at least part of the letter concerning the above situation. I want to say something in person but that will likely only bring a retaliation. I never have understood evil people who "pay you back" for exposing their cruelty instead of trying to realize and change their ways.
-----Daddy and Little One did a simple craft project before bed....cutting out and talking about paper hearts. We were surprised to find that Little One actually knows approximately where his actual heart is.
-----Little One had two bedtime stories last night....sort of. :-) Husband read a story about shells to him during the day and I showed Little One my seashell that a person I used to be friends with brought me from the sea of Galilee  Little One thought the seashell was so interesting (a small mussel shell but it looked almost exactly like the clam shells in the book...as little one excitedly pointed out). Before bed, Little One had Daddy and I each read him the shell book (picture book with six pages or so). Then Daddy and I each read a short book on insects. When I was reading, I got on Google and showed Little One pictures of praying mantis. The books we read were from the new tote of books that we were given earlier.
-----We truly have been so blessed by the fact that many of our friends once homeschooled and now have older or grown children. They have been so kind in sending books, flashcards, etc. our way. A lot of these things can be used in the toddler years. I am amazed at some of the great parents and teachers that we know!    
-----Among the things in the tote we received, was a packet of bookmarks. There were several duplicates as they were for conventional classroom use. Little One was so excited that he got his OWN bookmark.

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Teresa F said...

Hi from ICLW! Love the thankful post! We all need to be more thankful of even the littlest things!


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