Saturday, January 05, 2013

In My Life....

Things I was grateful for yesterday:
-----Doggie 2 was able to get a haircut (some hairs where causing issues).
-----Doggie 1 did pretty well at going out by herself for the bathroom. It was too cold for me go out with a toddler (or even myself as I have Reynaud's Phenomenon). The other dogs are used to going out by themselves.
-----I elected not to go with to a prayer meeting. This was a fortunate thing as the heat had gone out at the venue.
-----People prayed quickly at the prayer meeting yesterday and then adjourned to Popeye's to warm up. My friend bought Popeye's for everyone and sent back chicken fingers and sauce for me and Little One. The sweet hot sauce was yummy and reminded me a bit of Frank's Sweet Chili Sauce (which I am sometimes obsessed with).
-----I made a recording of Little One saying "George Washington," "JFK," and "Bilgo Baggins." The very first time he tried to say George Washington, he said "Georgie Washing." He identifies George Washington, on the gelt he is working through, by the ponytail and apparently thinks that George Washington needs a brush. :-)
-----We finally got a router that will help with our phone/internet reception. Before we had intermittent, none or had to go outside in the cold.
-----Little One watched and was fascinated by "The Star of Christmas"-a Veggie Tales DVD that a friend got for his Christmas present. He watched it with a stocking on his head as a hat.
-----I got all sorts of things put away. We are rearranging a room so the godparents and an adopted uncle can sleep comfortably when they visit.
-----Little One threw something a bit(not in a fit) because it was empty and told me he needed a new one that it was "frustrating." I gave him an old ski magazine insert to crumple up and he was talking about how it was an "activity." He has the most impressive vocabulary of any toddler I know.
-----Little One got a lot of clothes for Christmas. He got another pajama in a bright green and brown striped color combo that is fun. They are all Carter's and I think have come from the same person at various times. He has two that have monkeys (same design but different sizes) and, now, one that has an orange dinosaur.
-----The orange dinosaur that is on Little One's new pajamas is similar to Little One's T-Rex, "Grrr." The T-Rex stuffed animal was a present from one of Little One's godfathers the first time they got to see each other. I am going to take and send a picture of Little One sleeping in the pajamas with his cuddly dinosaur that is still very much his friend. Depending on Little One's mood, the dinosaur serves as an action figure, seat and pillow. :-)
-----We could not afford to travel for Christmas but we should be able to send things via a visiting friend later in the month. I am happy that I get time to put finishing touches on certain things.
-----We will have a romantic dinner soon. For Christmas, we received some of the votives from a relative's wedding reception. I think I will send a picture of the table as a thank you. :-)
-----Later in the month, we can take a friend's record player out of the closet and put my hope chest (which is in storage) in it's place. I am so excited. I use it to collect up bits of wrapping paper,etc. to make the lives of others special. I also keep very sentimental things. This chest has helped so much with organization, sentimentality and our limited budget. I have a Lane cedar chest from the Goodwill that Husband bought for my birthday several years ago...I had to sit on it to reserve it as anyone who saw was interested because they are usually all beat up. I think Husband might be able to do a repair on the tray in it soon (dis-attached hinge).

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