Tuesday, January 08, 2013

In My Life.....

So, there would have been a grateful list yesterday...there was a lot of fun stuff we did. I just came home and was so exhausted from something unkind that occurred in my day. I guess yesterday I was most grateful for the fact that curling up and going to sleep sometimes heals and puts distance between one's self and the words of others.

So, what I was grateful for yesterday:
-----The sun was out so much yesterday that we were able to take off one of Little One's layers for most of the day.
-----It was cute how Little One absolutely did not want to take off his coat for a while at the doctor's. As winter approached, our friend found us coats that were on sale...the Spider Man coat Husband picked out and purchased has been a big hit. Little one often points out the coat hanging up and gets excited when it is cold enough to wear it.
-----We went to a McDonald's for lunch as I had a doctor's appointment at a weird time and everything needed to be coordinated as far as getting ready, waiting to eat after my thyroid medicine and making sure that Little One was ready/fed. When I got back from some blood tests, Little One held out his hand and said "French fry, please" as Daddy had already informed him of this pleasant surprise to our day. We were served by such a sweet employee...I hope I have my receipt somewhere to write a nice letter about how she was so sweet to all around her. The McDonald's had large HD computer screens, was very modern in decor and the prices were like something you would have paid a few YEARS ago at most McDonald's. We sat by a nice group of people who were clearly very spirit-filled Christians.
-----We went to our storage unit and got out my extra padded winter coat. Even someone with Reynaud's Phenomenon can't help but be warm in that thing. It is ugly and HUGE...and inescapably warm.
-----Little One got to redeem piggy bank money and the people in line were patient while all the change was counted out. It was lucky that the magnets and grease board that I wanted to pick up were not easily findable (or possibly even there) at this particular Walmart. Little One wanted a pillow pal but did not have enough money in the piggy bank. Then Daddy spotted Yoda....Little One now has a Yoda that is almost as big as he is. It went to bed with him until he went to sleep, it was the first thing he wanted when he woke up in the car on the way home, it sits in his rocking chair. Yoda is a friend.

Also, happy that we did not pay this much. :-)
-----The grocery bill came out to a reasonable amount and we stocked up on so many things that I don't like to run out of.
-----I get to revisit some recipes that are tried and true over the next week...
Ground Beef and Black Bean Chili
Creamy Tuna Pasta Salad
-----I am trying out some new recipes in this next week...
"Mexican Eggs"
Strawberries Romanoff (prepping these in a little bit)
Breakfast Pizza (likely dinner tonight)
A clam chowder. Walmart was sold out of artichokes.Getting adventurous and substituting spinach.

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