Friday, January 11, 2013

More thyroid fun (sarcasm).....

Good news?
My thyroid being "way out of whack" was not so out of whack.
It is at 4.970 and the cut-off is 4.5.

Still no doctor has been able to tell me what they want to do about it. One is waiting on another doctor's advice after that doctor sees me and does not want my endocrinologist to analyze it themselves. The endocrinologist wants to analyze it and so I had to get it faxed from the original doctor. Apparently, that half a point can sometimes be a serious thing. No one is ready to tell me whether they consider this number truly bad or what they might do about it.

I just want it to be "normal" and have it messed up for as SHORT a time as possible.
Right now, the numbers effect some other medical issues and I do not want my thyroid to succeed in dying as it has been trying to do.

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