Wednesday, January 09, 2013

In My Life.....

I think I might like to get this color sometime:
"Zoya Nail Polish in Godiva is a soft beige with a matte, sparkling texture finish that makes your nails look like they are covered in crystals!"
---It is available February 1st or sooner, is $9 and is not available on Amazon yet. I will definitely be waiting until the price comes down (via Amazon).  Husband says this color is interesting and looks like sand with gold in it.
---$9 is more than I have spent total on nail polish for myself in the last three or four years....or longer! I usually rely on bottles that I haven't opened from when we had more money or get clearance/99 cent bottles at Sally Beauty.
---I buy low-cost bottles with interesting effects as part of presents for my nieces. These are usually Wet N' Wild or NYC.
---Speaking of NYC, I have a nice tube of mascara that a friend gave me and when I went to Walmart I found something that I think they described as basic mascara hanging among the other stuff. It was $1.00! It was not on clearance. It is a thin tube with none of the enhancements that mascara has nowadays (no lash extender, etc.). It is perfect for being on a budget or non-special occasions. If your Walmart carries it, poke around to find it as it will not stand out...a lot of extreme-total-surprise bargains can be found like that at Walmart.
---I also wait until things go on EXTREME clearance at ELF and buy Husband nail polish and topcoat. Yes, I said Husband...he has a tendency to wear black nail polish. I wish he would wear the topcoat more. Hmm...maybe I can get him to give me a bottle of topcoat that hasn't been opened since I think I did get three or four....brilliant idea. :-)

-----A good friend really likes Moscato. I found her a recipe for Frozen Moscato Lemonade.
-----One of Husband's favorite sweaters got attacked by a moth. It was the nicest sweater out of those washed today and at first I thought I had snagged it on the washer (which catches everything a little as you pull stuff out). Then I looked and noticed that, even if I did snag it, there were holes all over. Merino wool and we can't afford to replace it right now. Moths don't usually bite wool as much. Sigh.
-----A lot of my friends are talking about the PBS show "Downtown Abbey." I will have to check this out sometime.

Things I am grateful for today:
-----So far, there is minimal bruising from my blood tests yesterday. In the past, frequent thyroid tests have left some nasty bruises...especially when my arm is stiff in places like it is now. (It wasn't an immunization, so it never occurred to me to pump my arm back and forth.)
-----I have almost found a way to wear a scarf that reminds of my Grandmother and of things I used to wear while growing up. This scarf also did not get ruined after going through the wash (I took it out of a bag after it had not been worn in a long time and it was looking/smelling dusty). It is a medium-length silk scarf with gold flowers and tendrily (yes, I make my own words) leafs. The flowers have pinkish-purple centers and it is all on a light aqua background. I will wrap this around my hair, tie it in an off-center bow at the top and then pin the bow down. I already have a couple of different things in mind to wear it for where I might need some extra cheer.
-----I now have two doctors taking care of my thyroid issues. I am going to send the info back and forth between the two (who are covering different facets of the problem). I am hoping that some improvements come out of this. Though my thyroid was really, really trying to die last summer (I have an anti-thyroid antibody), right now it is better than ever for the issues I deal with! A lot of times, I dare to hope that I will be one of those people who doesn't have to take the medicine for the rest of their lives.
-----We made breakfast pizza as a family activity for dinner tonight. I want to start having a Pizza Night. Good (not gooey glop)homemade pizza recipes are hard to find.

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