Thursday, January 10, 2013

In My Life.....

-----This cold has made its constant presence known all day. At least, I did not need to rest so much.
-----Crushing least that is how I am reacting to it. I really hope that tomorrow I find that this doctor's interpretation of "way out of whack" on thyroid numbers is different than what my endocrinologist would say is way out of whack (last year it shot to 230 vs. the 3-5 it is supposed to be...that was WAY, WAY out of whack and I am scared that is what the new doctor means). My thyroid is trying to kill itself and I was very surprised in September when it was not only normal but the best/most normal my numbers have EVER been. These messed up numbers could have some dangerous medical implications and I am trying not to stress about it. I will speak with the nurse who left the message tomorrow.
-----I just don't know what would cause my thyroid numbers to be off. I not only follow what little advice the doctors give but I also follow a regimented set of rules for making SURE my medicine absorbs based on all the research I have done. The last time it went astronomically out of control, I was just told that the medicine was being upped and was not made aware of why for about six months!  I have the anti-thyroid antibody, Hashimoto's Disease, goiter issues, Hypothyroidism and Reynaud's Phenomenon. Having the medicine upped has been pretty routine as this just does not want to stay under control...*shaking my head and sighing*

Things I am grateful for today:
-----Looking at our beautiful Little One as he sleeps. This evening he took one of his socks off and fell asleep with it tucked in his hands under his chin.
-----The easy, EASY clam chowder that I made for Little One and I for dinner. The Walmart we went to was sold out of all artichoke, it was sadly minus the artichoke hearts. I used a yellow pepper as the red that was reasonably priced was used for chili. I think at least twice as much mushroom was used. The clam chowder picked was Walmart's "Great Value"....chunky and with a lot of potatoes. Little One enjoyed all but the yellow peppers which he gleefully started throwing off his high chair to Doggie.

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