Sunday, January 06, 2013

In My Life.....

Things I am grateful for today:
-----I found a lot of recipes to put on the January menu. Grocery shopping tomorrow after a doctor appointment.
-----Two loads of laundry done. We have been using a large tub of detergent from Sam's for so long. I would recommend Sam's Club for detergent and pancake mix in large quantities.
-----A friend went to IKEA a while back and for Christmas I was given a silver notebook with snowflakes on it. I started using this for some of my coffee haus planning. For one thing, I want to find/develop Chinese food recipes without soy in them (not always an easy thing to do). Husband has a soybean oil allergy and I am supposed to avoid, if we are going to spend a lot of time taste testing and eventually actually being at the coffee haus, our recipes will avoid soy. (Besides, soy is a major allergen.)
-----Our friend let Little One have a plastic jingle bell Christmas ornament. This brought much happiness.
-----Little One keeps screeching "What's that?!" :-)
-----I managed to stay awake on little sleep. Little One was not feeling well last night.
-----Last night, Little One was constantly warmer than normal but not to the point of fever, had very warm hands, kept waking and needing to be held, had a stuffy nose, nursed more than usual and was talking in sleep a lot. By morning most of this was completely gone.

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