Saturday, January 05, 2013

In My Life.....

I asked Little One what kind of bedtime music to put on...and the reply was "rhumba." So, he listened to the music from this video as I typed this blog entry. Little One must have seen a Dancing with the Stars commercial sometime or other...puts one hand behind head and does a little dance that calls "rhumba."

A few complaints:
-----I am a bit annoyed with one of the Walmarts in our area. They respond really promptly to disspell complaints....and call that "feedback." If you write on a public board asking if they have certain items that others might also be looking for at some point...ignored. Of course, there is no other way via internet to ask and if I call it will take forever/annoy. The Walmarts aren't at all close, there are no other places that might have the items and the Walmarts all carry different items. We don't have all sorts of gas I guess I will hope I get lucky on finding things, space out the calls asking if a portion of the items needed are there or settle on the fact that my projects are going to take a long time (and recipes may require the use of a freezer). There are so many reasons why I both despise and like Walmart. Sigh.
-----The CW's "90210" goes on so MANY hiatuses. Also, it would be the mark of a good writer if interesting storylines could be written while keep couples together longer.

Things I am grateful for today...
-----Husband brought me a big glass of water for my thyroid medicine this morning.
-----Breakfast was good. Eggs with asparagus, biscuits and pieces of bacon.
-----Husband and friends watched Little One while I rested. I was very tired.
-----One of two missing towels was located.
-----A friend asked me to teach her what I know of calligraphy. Husband and I can both point her to some resources. Most of my calligraphy stuff is in storage but I have found that a lot can be done without specific tools.
-----The kitchen is getting a small heater. It was so cold in there today that I could barely stand it and Husband offered to cook dinner. Reynaud's Phenomenon is getting to me this year.
-----Our friend gave Little One horsie rides until the point that his legs couldn't do it anymore. Of course, Little One can get every capable person in the room to give horsie rides until the point that their legs can't do it anymore.
-----It was also nice of our friend to give Little One some change for his piggie bank.
-----Husband made corkscrew pasta in a spaghetti sauce with sausage in it (Bertolli) for dinner.
-----My Brother is going to get me the info on a place that might work for Little One's birthday this year.
-----Little One is doing good on learning not to hit people with a toy that only works by hitting it on things.
-----I have a strategy for catching up on the work that I got behind on in my Informal Logic class. We were having router issues. Right now we are studying "Induction" and I am pretty sure that I can come in at this chapter and then work on the things I missed. The good thing about this class is that everything does not need to be done until two weeks after the class is over!
-----Doggie 1 has destructed two of the three toys that we have given her from a stocking that our friend got her for Christmas. The third toy, a little pull toy is cherished, and is currently tucked underneath her in her bed.
-----Vanilla Blueberry Butter is on our January menu. Little One's favorite food is blueberries.
-----I found a Red Wildberry Chianti wine kit to add to my wishlist. The kit makes 30 bottles.
-----Little One is trying to learn to sing the ABC's again. :-) At bedtime, he was playing with a dinosaur and a train that both sing the ABC's. The train was a Christmas present from grandparents and can also sing in Spanish.
-----Method Multi-Surface Wipes. Natural. I am using them to clean spaghetti sauce off the high chair tray. (This is a gratefulness list but I do want to note that they have a tendency to dry out pretty easily. I was given the wipes I have.)


Annie said...

Gratitude really is about the small things, isn't it. Now if only I could find a dark green bowl that has gone on walkabout. It's light green companion is lonely.


Since I have started sitting making these lists, inspired by a friend, I have really started noticing all the great things in my day.

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