Saturday, January 19, 2013

In My Life.....

-----Little One was (deliberately) feeding Doggie parts of his lunch.  After I said something, he replied, "accident."
-----So, I am watching the Inauguration coverage. Obama is being compared to FDR and Lincoln.
-----CNN will have the "The World According to Lance Armstrong" on. Maybe it will be a work of fiction.
-----It's sad when a mattress being able to be turned over is a selling point and an unusual thing. The world changes back and forth in weird little (and not so little) ways.
-----I am disappointed that a Galaga app on Facebook doesn't work. I didn't really know how easy it would be to authentically play something like that on the laptop anyway. I will have to look for a PC version and use the handheld mouse.
-----Yesterday, Husband told me and our friends about about a magic eight ball toy that sometimes cusses at you. My friend wants to get this as a fun gift for a couple of her (adult) children.
-----Little One heard the phone ring yesterday and said that it was his (yet-to-be-born) little sister calling. :-)
-----Last night, I drank some lemon tea with dinner. It wasn't much but I did not sleep well and I am wondering if I will have to radically limit the times of day when I can have caffeine. I am, I do not have much caffeine at all anyway. I also space caffeine far away from when I drink my thyroid medicine (research shows that caffeine affects absorption for a while). I guess this might mean that I can only have tea, chocolate, etc. for a very limited amount of the early evening hours and that will be my time window for this.
-----I was considering making an eggless eggnog....with avocado and almond milk in it. Then I came to my senses.
-----We need to think about the whole "Tooth Fairy" idea (though, of course, there is plenty of time...since we have a toddler and a yet-to-be-born). We are not going to teach our children to believe in anything that is not real but I think there should be some sort of acknowledgement of the right of passage that is losing baby teeth . Hmmm.
-----Watched a part of "Duck Dynasty" with friends this evening. I could not convince our friend to try frog legs or that they are good. This frog leg debate has been ongoing. One of my friends tweeted me later that they couldn't try them as it would make them think of Kermit.
-----Watched an ABC News story about a woman who faked having cancer and it was mentioned that there have been many cases of people doing this. :-(

Things I have been grateful for lately:
-----Friends came to visit yesterday. We watched the (recorded) premiere of King of the Nerds. This show has Curtis Armstrong and Robert Carradine as hosts (Booger and Skolnick from Revenge of the Nerds). I was surprised by who went home.
-----King of the Nerds (aptly) come on after Big Bang Theory. We introduced our friends to another thing that went along with the day...the cult film "The Gamers." It is a hard-to-find, low-budget film about people who play something like Dungeons and Dragons. Everyone thought it was hilarious.
-----We get to see the same friends for an upcoming prayer meeting and birthday celebration. Husband and another of our friends might also go with them to a CD-release party. It is nice to have people around during the gloom of winter.
-----Dinner yesterday was tacos. I was in the mood for a lot of cheese. Little One ate a lot of hamburger and he loves the sour cream.
-----I am almost done unloading the dishwasher. :-)
-----Little One has been playing dress-up today. Wearing one of Mommy's necklaces and a big pair of (adult) boots. He can only scoot in the boots. His play brings so many smiles.
-----We get to see my Mother soon. (She is pretty ill from cancer.) I will be pricing the hotels today and I am wondering if it might be a worthwhile idea to join the rewards program at a clean,low-cost hotel that I like to use for these visits.
-----Husband has decided that he is going to make Little One's birthday present this year! We will be giving him a super hero nightlight (he doesn't like the bright overhead lights in our bedroom and we have to replace the old nightlight).
-----A friend is throwing me and another expecting friend a (double) baby shower.
-----A business course that I am taking has started, I am ahead.
-----A friend made it home safely during an ice storm.


Megan said...

I like your "things I'm grateful for" sections in your posts - too many bloggers are most prolific during bad moods or sadness and it's nice that you keep things in perspective!


Thank you. A friend is trying to write a list like this every day this year and wants other to do so also...this is my attempt. It is making me realize that there is so much happiness in my life.

I have found that even in the midst of great tragedy there is humor/smiles somewhere. This is something I started learning about twenty years ago and I am realizing more with each day. It is helping others that this bit of wisdom is rubbing off on them. This also applies to moments of chaos when the weirdness or hubbub around should be "driving you mad."

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