Friday, January 25, 2013

In My Life.....

Last night before bed:
Well. Little One is shouting that he needs treasure, please give me treasure.
He is telling Pooh Bear to help get treasure.
He is wiping off an old phone and saying "bad treasure."
He has been lying down between each of these bursts of activity and even put his blanket on.
He and his imagination should be asleep soon.

-----Last night, Little One got to experiment with his first ice cream cone. He had IGA's Cookies and Cream. I had a cone myself with that flavor and the uber-not-that-good-for-you "Heavenly Hash" (which is some other brand and chocolate). Little One sat in the high chair and used a fork on his cone at times. He picked up on licking and eventually ate the cone. When it came time to take a picture he posed with a wide-eyed look, his fork in his hand and stuck his tongue out to the side.
-----I have to make a PowerPoint or OpenOffice Impress slide that uses a mindmap for a nutrition class that I am taking. I only know how to use PowerPoint in the most traditional way (i.e. slides for presentations) and I do not know how to cut and paste multiple, individual shapes from another document or draw diagonal lines on my slide. I am finding a lot of people are having the same problem. Unless I suddenly become up-to-date in my software usage, I will have to get creative and hope that an impressive presentation is good enough and will fit in the submission format (that hasn't been specified yet).
-----Even though it is a bit off-color, I really like playing the game "You Don't Know Jack."
-----I am still trying to get an uber-organized desk area going. My current desk is much smaller than I am used to and I have many more projects than I used to have. I have two bookshelves (one on the desk and one over). I have yet to come up with a (homemade) file area but do have a place where I could put a small one near the desk. There are no drawers but if there were I would like the idea of using egg cartons for organization of small items and office supplies...I hadn't thought of the fact that both sides of the carton can be used (hat tip to 24/7 Mom for this tip).
-----We are having issues with Little One saying a couple of swear words "shi*" and "dammit." I have been doing some reading and apparently it is common for toddlers. I don't think he is using them for effect most of the time though...actually using them when he drops something. I know that first word has been heard a lot as in our last neighborhood all the neighbors liked to have the husbands or contractors do home improvements...and that word could be heard ringing off the rooftops all summer. I also know that at least 4 adults off the top of my head are having a hard time not saying it around Little One. He knows the word in relation to bathroom functions and can show you what body part he means....though he has only said that twice and I think it was after hearing some teenagers talk about needing to go to the bathroom. I am of the opinion that there is a difference between cuss words and curse words. It is "dammit" that is bothering me more. I NEVER say that but almost everyone I know does...including otherwise devout Christians. Dammit (or damn you....luckily Little One has not found anyone who says that) has some implications that people either don't think about or don't care about since they are angry or frustrated. There was a recent controversy about the parents having to deal with a toddler using the f-word on Modern Family....but apparently children as far back as the 1970s really did start swearing as toddlers with the habit becoming ingrained as one gets older. Sigh. Our tactic is to try to ignore it and then, if it persists, explain that those words are not to be used in our family.
-----Hopefully, a friend can find the transportation to visit for a couple days. Life has been gloomy for her lately. She said that we could all do fun things...well our version of fun things. She wants to bring a copy of "Grow Food Not Lawns" and some sort of children's book about free trade coffee for us to talk about.
-----Tomorrow two of Little One's godparents, an adopted "uncle" and a few other friends arrive. I am also hoping that my little brother can visit at some point. We are celebrating a part of Little One's extended affair this year due to the locations/health of those we invite to celebrations.
-----I recently noticed that Fat Tuesday, Ash Wednesday and Valentine's are the 12th, 13th and 14th this year. Some people will be very busy. A friend has suggested that we make pancakes on Tuesday and do some sort of worship activity on Wednesday.


Amber said...

What a great synopsis of what's going on in your life! I do think that all little kids pick up bad words, but with your guidance, I'm sure he will grow out of it :)

Azara said...

I have a terrible potty mouth and am trying really hard not to say anything in front of my toddler. This is one habit I really don't want her to pick up.

Visiting from ICLW.

Jura ENA Micro 9 One Touch said...

You reminded me the times when I was playing the game "You Don't Know Jack." This is something, that I call "crazy stuff"

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