Sunday, January 13, 2013

In My Life.....

Yesterday I was grateful for:
-----Lots of kleenex. I still have a cold and I can't take any medicine for it as I am only allowed Sudafed. Every preparation of Sudafed is either not advisable or actually forbidden by the doctors/box in regards to my thyroid issue. I am glad that I have family and friends who are encouraging me to rest, get Vitamin C, etc.
-----Homemade pizza with yummy bbq sauce. Also leftovers for snacks during the night and this morning.
-----A couple of days ago Little One woke up and started singing "E-I-E-I-O." :-)
-----A friend came to visit this afternoon. We had great conversation and talked of future fun. I wish and hope that this friend can come over more often. She brought a bag with a couple coloring books, crayons and some other books for Little One. Little One eventually destructed one of the coloring books but totally enjoyed his time with it...then gave it to Doggie to play with. It was neat to see him climb up in a chair and studiously examine the books. Little One is lucky that our friends like to give books.
-----Gatorade G2 Mixed Berry, orange-flavored (natural) sparkling water, orange juice and the fact that we live in a place in the world where I can drink a lot of water.
-----An online friend noticed how much our Little One explores the world. :-)

Today's happenings:
-----Little One has started to also enjoy the corner he normally goes to if a Time Out is needed. Just now, he said,  "bang, bang" and went to tap a water bottle up against the wall. Next, he took a padded lunch bag he was playing with and faced it to the corner in case I might want to take it. He likes to stand in that area of the house and just smile. At least he doesn't consider timeouts fun....just the Time Out Corner.
-----At times, I can hear the whistle of my sinuses draining. Instead of bringing me tissues, at some point during the day someone just stations the box next to me. Colds are not fun.
-----Husband and some friends have been writing letters to people who are imprisoned. I have felt that I should do this for a long time because it is something that the Bible says to do but I cannot figure out a good and safe way to do this. I believe there are a lot of imprisoned people who are innocent and that the time incarcerated will be such a big part of their life in wounding ways. I just don't know exactly what or how to help. I need to think about this today. Though I am not Catholic, or any of the religions that espouse them, I want to start concentrating more on each of the "Works of Mercy." 

Things I am grateful for today:
-----The smell of really good spaghetti sauce with a ton of mushrooms in it.
-----I found a dog food pantry that might be able to help some of my friends when they are low on finances. I try to keep track of this kind of never know when it might make a big difference.
-----When Little One makes sound effects.
-----One of my friends says that I am starting to look more like myself. My eyes are getting a more lively look to them (vs. being able to tell that I have a cold).
-----Overhearing a conversation just gave me a very good idea...Bible reading with Little One every night before bed. Right now, he likes to say Jesus or point out depictions of Jesus and we sometimes read about donkeys (Jesus riding into Jerusalem on one).

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