Thursday, January 10, 2013

In My Life.....

Yesterday, I was grateful for supportive loved ones who let me rest and made sure I had a lot of Vitamin C. I am the last one, I think, who will catch a cold that is going around. I felt like crying at a few points and found myself clutching stuffed animals. Every time I rest, I start to feel better some.

Things I was grateful for yesterday:
-----Husband and our friend went to a storage unit of a friend where we are keeping some clothes and books. We took some of Husband's winter clothes out.
-----A blanket that Little One used to play on came out of storage and got laundered (that dustiness that things have after being stored a while). It will make him happy to sleep under it now that he is bigger. It has boats on it.
-----Things were kind of busy here yesterday. I found sitting down with a glass of pomegranate blueberry juice to be very calming.
-----Husband went to a grocery that had good sales and picked up some things that I thought would be helpful for us to be stocked up on.
-----There were no big containers of yogurt or any lemon yogurt at the store with the sale. Husband did find Greek yogurt that was on sale for a dollar though. Little One loved the strawberry.
-----I was happy to find a better price on tortillas and I am looking forward to a slow cooker Kielbasa thing that we are trying.
------I made one of our tried and true recipes and there are plenty of leftovers. It is a Ground Beef and Black Bean Chili that is considered Southern food. We made a big pot of it for Little One's birthday party last year. Since extra-lean ground beef is so expensive right now, I used one pound of extra-lean and three or four pounds of regular hamburger. There were four smaller yellow onions, a small red bell pepper and a small yellow bell pepper from a "rainbow pack" as the single peppers are currently $1.68 per pepper, 2 and a half teaspoons of minced garlic cooked in with the meat, 4 teaspoons of minced garlic added to the simmering, the small can of green chiles, two cans of tomato paste with equal parts water for our tomato sauce, the beef was seasoned with Spanish paprika and chili pepper as Husband likes to do it this way, plenty of chili powder was added to the simmer, a little cumin was used as our stomachs can be sensitive to it, the remaining spices were added to taste, I broke up a big can of stewed tomatoes that I was originally planning to use for something else, and four cans of black beans were used. Husband said the chili was good and Little One hungrily ate all the black beans out of two helpings. There was cheddar cheese to grate and sour cream.
-----Little One loves black beans and actually asks if we can have them sometimes. He used to just say "beans" but now says "black beans." He says "sour cream" and loves having it on things...gets it confused with ice cream at times.
-----I was able to replenish the tomatoes that I used in the chili via the sale Husband went to and a coupon. :-)
-----We got to hang an ornament on the Christmas tree that Little One got from our friend who found it at the Target 90% off clearance. Little One insisted it go on the big tree vs. his personal tree. A rocket ship.
-----I worked out a strategy for Little One's birthday this year. We have to travel to my family as my Mother has breast cancer and is undergoing chemo treatments. Little One has to know and see his Grandmother. We also needed to have a party for friends where we live. Of course, traveling means gas and a hotel stay. Other than a present, we can not spend money besides the trip. So, we are going to have people meet us at a restaurant with a playground for both parties and be honest that we cannot pay for meals. The important thing is love and celebration.  
-----We are looking forward to a visit from two of Little One's godparents (he has six who were chosen for various reasons that will be meaningful to his life) and a friend who has been adopted as an uncle.

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