Friday, January 04, 2013

In My Life.....

Things I was grateful for today:
-----We got some insurance choices made and taken care of.
-----I was able to (with Husband's help) not be depressed when everybody around me was.
-----A friend's car seemed like it was never going to start again but then suddenly started working.
-----Little One started playing with some new foam letters...a Christmas present from a friend of ours. The kind that can also go on the wall in the tub. So far, Doggie has not managed to eat any of them.
-----We should be able to use the actual bathtub (vs. toddler tub) for some of Little One's planned bath adventures thanks to a big plug that might work. We have a couple of bottles of things that color the bath water. Little One has a Sesame Street bath set and a whale that spouts water. Of course, there is also the new letters for the bathtub wall and it might be fun to bring the summer bubbles into the bathtub. :-)
-----Little One got to have a George Washington chocolate coin today (gelt). I asked what George Washington looks like and was told "ponytail." Later, I asked again before giving the coin and was told "brush" and then "ponytail."
-----Husband and I worked together in the kitchen at dinnertime. He made fried noodles and I made Kentucky biscuits.
-----I arranged my nail polish and calligraphy ink in a way that was pleasing to me...part of my desk-organizing project.
-----I got started on re-organizing the diaper bag and will finish tomorrow.
-----I worked out more of what we are going to do with Little One for homeschool. This is an exciting time. :-)
-----My monitor seemed to be starting to fail. It was likely due to a button on the side that I did not know about and is working fine.
-----My friend liked the peach sangria recipe that I sent her. That friend gave me some recipes from her 2012 calendar and I am excited about modifying at least one.
-----A new friend is going to look into a class that I suggested.
-----I changed my mind on Little One's next piggie bank purchase. We will pick up a magnetic grease board (like the kind used outside dorm rooms for messages). It is pretty cold in the kitchen right I figure we can get some alphabet magnets and do a lap desk for them this way.
-----One of the Walmarts we go to is a smaller "Super", it does not have a huge selection on most things. I am glad they have a Facebook page and other means of contact. I am messaging them on some items I need for a recipe, the grease board and alphabet magnets. I don't want to, and can't afford to, waste gas going to various Walmarts. This just made me wonder if I can have one Walmart send the non-perishable items to another Walmart....hmmm.
-----I started looking through a book that I got for Christmas, "Harvesting, Preserving and Arranging Dried Flowers" by Cathy Miller. I think I am going to get a lot of ideas from this. There is much variety in the type of arrangements and pieces combine several flowers...this is my type of flower arranging. I did get some amusement out of the St. Patrick's Day arrangement that had fruit and, of all things, a small cabbage was randomly stuck on the side....I guess I get that the cabbage might not be referring just to green but the tradition of corned beef and cabbage....still a random cabbage is amusing. The same friend gave me a cook book with different recipes that use mustard.

-----I brought Husband supplies to make snowflakes with Little One and then Little One could color on them. Husband had to take a phone call so little one started coloring on one of the pieces of construction paper while we waited for Daddy to get off the phone. I made a black plane for Little One and threw it towards Husband a few times. I told Husband it was a stealth fighter, he grabbed it, modified it and told me that now it was an SR-71 (goes faster). Husband's plane went much farther. This was fun.
-----Snowflakes with Daddy. Squeals of delight while telling Daddy where to cut. Anticipation at the opening of the snowflake. Daddy thought the green one with the star in the middle was pretty. Little One's new thing to say is "sticky tack" and he even wanted the spaceship that Daddy made for him stuck up.
-----Husband volunteered to help me with my bedtime chores tonight. It is usually quiet a list.
-----We listened to the video below at bedtime. I am not sure if Little One heard it...couldn't tell if was asleep after we listened to a "The Sounds of Silence" cover again.

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Amy said...


I am glad that you were able to stay happy around others that were not.

Can you please teach me calligraphy?

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